acceleration power (20-60m) development

Hi guys, does anyone know how you can develop the secondary acceleration part of the 100m. i knw the first 20m is developed through weight training but i seem to lack acceleration power, thoughts on this?

hills, stadiums, and sled pulls can all be useful.

Hills are your best bet. If you don’t have any good ones, then go with sled pulls. Note that the hill slope should be very moderate. We are not talking steep hills here!

Another good option is the easy/fast/easy or fast/easy/fast runs, 20 m for each segment.

Steve Francis apparently does use steep hills, as well as sleds with considerable weight.

To me, though, the thing that works is lots and lots of acceleration practice on the track. You’ll see this in Charlie’s short to long plan, and the group I train with also does a LOT of acceleration throughout the season. Also, accelerating through a range of distances, either continuing the same wide range through much of prep or increasing the distances as you get stronger in the shorter ones:

5X10+4X20+3X30+2X40 {John Smith}
5X3X(10-40) (Dan Pfaff}

The last one is the one I use. I start with 3X5X20, then add 10 meters each week, and after I get to 50, I start the main SPP1.

Aside from hills, what resistance if any, do you use? Sled, cable, et cetera? Recovery processes during and after?

I don’t. Zero, zip, nada. Nor does John Smith. I run them all out of blocks.

In terms of recovery, John Smith uses ~4 min after each, and from what I’ve read Pfaff uses 4-5 min. Mine is very definitely a split run with just walkback rest for reps and a 1 lap walk for set break. Builds up power which you can use later when you start doing 60s Charlie’s way with longer rest.

BTW, while doing, say, 3X5X40, I’ve had a couple Jamaican coaches on the same track explaining (correctly) to their athletes exactly what I’m doing and why, so I don’t think I’m the only person doing this.

Thanks. One other question. When you speak of power are you pointing specifically to alactic power (re. ATP-PC) or more as it relates to glycolytic synthesis?

Well, it’s what Charlie talks about with split runs, and like Charlie has mentioned with how you could describe 3X4X60 as 3X240 with the rest fairly short, what I’m doing early in the prep phase is in the 100-300 glycolytic range. But in this case you’re accelerating all the way on each one, because the individual sprints are shorter. It builds up the power to maintain as you go to longer rests later in the phase.

great posts guys, lkh ive started doing alot more acceleration pratice out of blocks and i can feel an improvement espcially in the “kick”. do you think cns fatigue would affect this section of my race in a big way ?? i usually do my weights around midday and train at 6 pm