Acceleration/Lactate capacity in the same session

Would there be any harm in doing acceleration and lactate capacity work in the same session? I’m thinking of doing short sprints with complete recovery, then after that doing some work at a fairly high intensity that will flood my muscles in lactic acid. Thoughts?

Here’s my take on it. Lactate capacity is generally not a deciding factor in sports. It is also something that the body and mind will rapidly will adapt to. Spend your offseason time getting stronger, faster, healthier, and in better condition (this means your internal recovery capacity or GPP!). When your practices start for hockey or lacrosse I expect you may suffer at first but will quickly regain the ability to tolerate more lactic acid.

Very true. I believe I’m at optimal levels of speed and strength and I just want to be able to maintain that high level of intensity for longer. By internal recovery capacity do you mean to periodize my workouts for maximal benefits?

The high intensity work you do will have much more positive carry-over to your conditioning/anaerobic capacity than the conditioning work will have to your speed/power. Charlie has stated that there aren’t many benefits to medium intensity work. keep it high or low.

During the first few weeks or so of a high intensity sport, such as hockey or lacrosse, the lactate capacity of an athlete is very important. It definitely shows who has a greater lactic capacity especially when you get stuck out on a long shift of 1.5 minutes or so doing high intensity work. As the season goes on, practices and games prepare the athletes lactic capacity so that there isn’t such a noticeable difference in performance.

I agree completely with this in relation to the sport you are training for. The same is found in soccer as well. frequent bursts of sprinting with minimal duration of rest between runs. It shows the coach and other players who has put the work in and who hasn’t.

You can train both speed and lactate at the same time in a weekly micro. I wouldnt recommend attempting training both in the same workout.

How do you train both elements? What sort of periodization do you use on a weekly basis if you have weekend games?

You would have a speed day early in the micro and a interval/lactic day later in the micro.

sat - Game

Monday or Tuesday - Accel work/weights

wednesday or thursday - Intervals/Lactic training

Depending on how you feel you can add another speed workout into the micro if you like. The game would likely be similar to a intensive tempo or speed end session depending on the distances run in the game and the rest periods.

You would have recovery workouts in between the CNS workout days.

As far as periodizing you could adjust volume in both the accel day and the lactic day as you progress through the season.

Game days would stay as they are. (can’t really control intensity or progression within games haha)


Thanks for the imput, I’ll probably end up doing something very similar like this:

Saturday: Game
Sunday: Off
Monday: Speed & Weights
Tuesday: Tempo
Wednesday: Lactic Training
Thursday: Practice
Friday: Off
Saturday: Game

Whenever I have a game, I like to go do a small workout that morning. I normally do sport specific drills and work on quickness and shooting. I find that it really gets the CNS firing and that it really prepares me for the game.

How training Acceleration/ speed and Lactate at in a weekly micro(football and soccer)?

Good Luck my friend!

Lactic tolerence is vital!!! and don’t let any tell you other wise! If you have a low lactic tolerence and then you come to do speed endurence you will be f*#k. Imagine doing 4x300m at 90% with full recovery and having no lactic tolerence I think the word is foolish!

How many sports are there where you run 300m at once at full speed? For soccer and lacrosse that is the down the field and back 1.5 times. Realize that most the time spent in these sports is spent accelerating and running at much lower speeds than max velocity. Also, distances are usually not much more than 30 meters. Blinky is not training for track.

In soccer and other sports you can get into lactic tolerance in a game situation easily. Running multiple repeats in the 40-50 meter range with jogging or medium pace running in between.

Blinky, pay attention to your body! Highly motivated athletes such as yourself can easily overdo it. I know, I’ve done it many times. In addition to your game and practices, you have scheduled 3 training sessions. Maybe you can recover from that. But pay attention to your body. All that training is useless if your CNS is fried and you can’t perform on game day.

Well said!!

4x300m was just an example of a speed endurance session! Which by the way in sports like soccer and lacrosse speed endurance is more essential than in sprinting!!! A scoccer player could run full out for 30m-40m at least 20 times a game, if you don’t need speed endurance for that you need good dr*gs!!
A sprinter will only run full out twice a day when competing! A horizontal jumper is similar to a soccer player he/she will run 45m upto 8 times full out!
For speed endurance you need speed training and endurance training (lactic training) this is why it is important to include periodization in to training!!1

Mental toughness, that is a load of crap it is obvious you have never done lactic training!!! An lactic tolerence is not just determined by VO2 max, it is also determined by increasing limiting factors such as glucose in glycolysis. During lactic training the body also learns how to respond to lactic quicker by taking it away from the muscles and recycling it into pyruvate and use this for energy!
I can tell you are american by the comment
“If you train for top speed the speed reserve will allow you to have repeated efforts faster than those of your competitors even if you’ve accumulated more lactate.”
as it is obvious you have never seen a proper game of soccer. It doesn’t matter how fast you are once you have got lactic in your legs you won’t be able to beat a slower man with lactic tolerence. i have personally experienced this!
A training partner who is over 1 second slower than me over 200m will wack me every time in lactic training simply because he has better lactic tolerence!!
When your running as fast as Michael Owen and you are doing it for 90minutes you will get lactic, hence your legs won’t function. I promise you if I had incredible lactic tolerence and I was racing mo greene and he had no lactic tolerence and you filled our legs up with lactic I would win no matter how much faster he is than me.
Premature thickening of the heart that can be avoided by periodization, like I said before!
You might have learned alot of facts but waht is the point of having all these facts when you can’t aply them!!

Speed Endurance for team sports like soccer IS important. However, this does not mean that you have to do it in the form of longer sprints at 75-85%(intensive tempo)

As a matter of fact short bouts at 90plus% are more applicable. For example, 10x50m@90% v 4 x 200m@80% (intensive tempo). You are training to run fast in short bouts without fatiguing. Charlie’s principle is still applicable…