Acceleration and intensity.

Acceleration and intensity. Am I seeing the light at the end of the tunnel?

I don’t think there is any coincidence that during my best runs I haven’t really felt any increase in intensity until top-speed, whereas in most other runs i have.
In fact, relative to my other runs the best ones have felt flat until top-speed, when, without trying, I have hit another gear, feeling relaxed and energetic.

I guess I have experienced what is meant by “wait for it” and “let it happen”?

What are your events?

good on ya thor.keep it going

Indeed I am. That sensation of increasing intensity that I previously sought was nothing else than me fighting. Today was so easy I started laughing inside. Patience was all it took.

The 100 and, eventually, the 200.

Very nice to hear that Thor,
last saturday i felt the same.
I did a few shots of 50 and 60 meters ( and 1 of 100m ),
i started 3 point with closed eyes and by the 15->20m i “woke up” and just ran in another gear, i can tell you, it was my best training session since i started.
I´m not sure about just one thing, my capability of run like that but now with all the childs and other people around the track.
It´s hollidays until next week, so, the track is all mine.

Since I have created a thread where I can just ramble on about my newfound relaxation, here is an update:

Last friday I ran 3x100, which, believe it or not, is the first time I have ever done back to back hundreds.

Today I ran my first two 200’s ever and it is true what they say about the last fifty meters…

i´m not running anymore 200´s
i give a break to this thing
i have to run fast
and only the 100m
i don´t know why this fascination

I believe that running the 200m is more beneficial than dropping it out

Even for a “only” 100m races guy ?
And why do you believe this way fast11_12 ?

because you can’t run a tight 200 and survive :wink: you get ass cramps, or your form goes to crap etc… just ask me, I’m an expert at finding new effects from running tight 200’s.

Come on man, don´t say buls…
As we know, you improved more consistently in 200m races than in 100m…

running the 200 is defenitely beneficial to ALL 100m runners, maybe the only exeption is if u r one very strong and powerful runner, but it really helps u can bet ur a$$ on it. like eg surin ran 10.03 at some point in his career and just never ran sub 21syet! only a few years later he took it down to like 20.2x when he ran 9.84! unless u r THAT strong, i think u pretty much need it.

u mean leg str or overall str?