Acceleration and Agility Training for the Athlete

My stats: 16 year old, 6’1.5", 220 lbs, 16% BF

Best Lifts: Bench Press=255 lbs, Squat=410 lbs, Deadlift=415 lbs, Power Clean=215 lbs. (haven’t PC in a long time)

Best Runs: 40 yard dash-4.96 and 100m-11.9.

Weight-training Background: I have been training for 1 and half years and have just recently switched to a modified version of Westside Barbell and I like it as it keeps me focused and motivated to hit new PR’s Every week.

Problem: The 40 yard dash is strictly about acceleration I have been reading through some post but have got confused because it seems like everyone has formulated there own training theories and I have no clue what to do. All I want is a clue on how I should train Acceleration and agility on my off days, I live in the northeast and we are now being plagued with snow so I won’t be able to do any sprints but I can do plyometics but my resources are very limited so I would only be able to do bodyweight plyo’s. Another one of my problems is should I do a Repition Lower Body instead of a DE Lower Body day. I was thinking that my training program could look something like this:

Monday: ME Bench day/Stretch
Tuesday: Plyometrics/Stretch
Wednesday: ME Squat or Deadlift/Stretch
Thursday: Plyometrics/Stretch
Friday: Repitition Bench day/Stretch
Saturday and Sunday: Regeneration Techniques/Contrast Showers/Stretching/Jump Rope
and then next week I start off with DE Squats or Deadlifts and I go through the cycle again.

Questions: How do I design a Plyometric program to fit my needs? Should I do a Repition lower body day?

It’s really going to be tough for you to improve your sprinting speed when you don’t sprint. Find a indoor place (like a hallway or an indoor arena) and work on your speed.

nothing is more specific than sprinting; short distances (10-30m) and heavy weights; but i can see you have a problem with that…

i would stick with plyos that more your body upwards landing on a higher spot, or with no landing at all (e.g., falling in a high jump mat) and i suppose you could do these along with some heavy weights vs. the acceleration work; although again, it’s not the same, at least when able to do some accel work, some of the more relative strength will be there…

also, keep the plyo reps LOW!

PS why not doing some steps work vs. normal acceleration? is this possible?

Is this a good plyometric program that I could do after I lift:

After Upper Body Session: a more intense session
Split-Squat jump- 2x6
Broad Jumps-2x3
Triple jump off of box-2x3

After Lower body session: a low intensity
Tuck Jumps- 3x10
Box jumps- 4x5

I could do acceleration work on saturdays but that would be one day a week which would be good as I would be doing plyo’s twice a week. I could either do it at a local university or an outdoor track with 10-30 degree weather but sacrifices must be made.

Would this program be ideal on saturdays:
2 warm up laps
active stretching
10 meters x 5 reps
20 meters x 4 reps
30 meters x 3 reps
40 meters x 2 reps
warm down- stretch

i would prefer all plyos pre-workouts and as a separate little session after a good warm-up

also, i’d separate lower plyos and weights and upper weights -if this is how you prefer doing it- to give more rest in between to your legs (i.e., work it in blocks rather than spreading it), and

i’do one of the plyo sessions before the accel workout; i’ve never seen before what you’re describing in the Sat session; not saying it’s not working, but i can’t comment on that…

accel once per week is better than nothing!

also, the number of reps and exes you are giving for plyos seem too many, although i’m out of your schedule; they just seem too many for me; watch out your legs, knees, etc and always on soft surface!

hope it helps!

After Upper Body Session:
Split-Squat jumps- 2x3
Box jumps- 2x3

Triple jump off of box-2x3

Pre-acceleration training plyo’s:
Tuck Jumps- 2x3
Broad Jumps-2x3

2 warm up laps
10 meters x 4 reps
20 meters x 2 reps
30 meters x 1 reps
40 meters x 1 reps (total of 150 meters)
warm down- stretch

Comments: I can’t do my plyo’s before I workout because of a confusing situation of available space. Are the reps and sets for my plyos and the acceleration workout good now or is it to little volume?

i still don’t get two things: the lower-body plyos after upper body weights and the 4-2-1-1 progressions after each of the sprints; as i mentioned before, i haven’t seen this before and i don’t know how it’ll work…

if you can, stick with plyos going upwards landing somewhere high -vs. the pure vertical ones you mentioned- to avoid some impact

and for accel, i’d prefer to establish first a set distance (e.g., 20m) before moving to a longer one (e.g., 40m)

again, if you can’t have available space/time for more track work -or even an alternative such as steps- i suppose you could do some plyo work, but be very careful for DOMS, quads, achilles, knees, etc; just keep it in mind…

hope it goes well!

Well thanks for your help, I have tried to balance stuff out to what I do and I am going to make a workout log, logging in all my progress in my sprints and lifting.

a diary will help you monitor progress; yes, good idea!