Accel Dev

What is the proper rest periods when doing 20’s and 30’s as accel dev.

Its individual. I’d suggest trying one minute per 10 meters and if you need more give yourself more. With these its hard to achieve the volume that might bring the best results so you don’t want to start too too high with the rests. Also, for 20s you could probably do them in pairs with a walkback and then 40m rest.

At what intensity?

At 95% 2-3 minutes

1 min pre 10m seems to be pretty good as a guideline.

Is that 40 minutes or 40 meters…

I thought for under 30m people didn’t assign percentages? Maybe not.

Sometimes you may be running them easy especially when trying to get the feel for a new cue.

e.g. If your best was 3.65 (measure in a 60m rep) then covering them in 4.10 is pretty easy. It’s 90% but this can be a nice level for honing technique development.

Thanks dcw.

Oh right, sorry. I meant 40 meters. So if you were doing one minute for 10 meters 4 minutes.

So would you use the same type of rest period for Max V. For doing flying 30’s or 40’s-50’s.

I’d keep the run in portion in mind and even if you don’t give a minute for every ten meters when you total it come close. Experiment.

I’d rest atleast 10 mins between fly-ins.