About Herb's Vertical Leap Program

This is a program that Herb posted a while ago:
"Here was my vert program (I had 42 inches in High school. 17 years old)

Stairs (every 2nd day):
up 3 stairs with both legs
up 2 stairs right leg, then left leg.

Then Skipping:
worked my way up to 100 each leg
then 200 both.

Measured verticle once per week with about 10 explosive attempts after warm-up. I would wrap a piece of tape around my middle finger with the sticky side out so that when you touched the backboard it would stick where you touched."

Can anyone explain the program to me? What are the reps and exercises? Do you jump three times over one stairstep or jump over three stair steps? And do you do step ups when doing one-legged jumps? Thanks

up 3 stairs with both legs - jump over three steps at a time jumping off two legs

up 2 stairs right leg, then left leg - over 2 steps using one leg, first right, then left

I think the number of reps depends on how high your stair case is.

After you’re done you pick up a jumprope and do what Herb prescribes:
“worked my way up to 100 each leg
then 200 both.”

Hope it helps.

If someone can remind me in a week or so, I will reply to this thread in a bit more detail. For now, take a look at the plyometric animations on the site, and get the GPP Download which will explain more about a total program and goes more in depth with the plyos.

Hey Herb, where are you?

Hey Herb, when you get a chance can you discuss a total vertical program?