Is it wise to start GPP in august if your season won’t end until september of the following year? I figured the extra time could be best used to get the cardio pumping and weight training on a good path for indoors in January.

It depends on when your last meet was, how recovered you are, and how much of a GPP you require. The earlier you are in your career and the more room for improvement you have, the earlier you should start. Another factor is the length of the indoor campaign you intend to have.

Well my last meet was about 2 1/2 weeks ago and since then I only jogged 2mi. I’ve been trying to clean up physical nic nac’s for the most part but I’m leaning hard(definitely) towards calling it a season due to them. I guess poor planning bit me in the rear this year. Furthermore indoors will start in january and end in march if all goes well, however, I’m no spring chicken in my low 30’s. Kinda hard to say there’s not a lot of room for improvement though since I feel my well haven’t really been tapped. I may be wrong but I was looking at a two peaked season, with march and late august being the target.

What steps are you taking to fix the physical issues?

Chiro, deep tissue massage, ART, ultra sound, and yes … even a little yoga :slight_smile:

Actually, now that I’ve thought about it I just may need to change that to a three peaked schedule. (ie- early march, Mid june, late august). Ironically the middle peak(NC’s) could very well be the hardest!

Are you using the Big T? I swear by the guy…if he says you are ready…then you are. It is uncanny how he can read tone. With a 7.39 60h and a 12.43 in the 100h, and many runs in the low 10.0s. rigtht after…he’s got the magic touch.

He’s the man! Too bad I don’t live there.

I smell training trip…it would be cool if we could do the following…

(1) Train with you down south and fly up the big T.

(2) Fly you down and get some work done as a group and give you housing and food.


Sound like a winner, however I must remember that I live in the land of track & field and must retain my 9 to 5. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the flexibility that other pro athletes have (ie-money & time) One day … :wink: ,but for right now I have to stay focused on creating this GPP training plan. What do you think about staring in august and finishing in september?

Any thoughts yet??? Trying to make up this chart with three peaks …seems wierd because the phases seem too short for the work that needs to be put in. :confused: :o