a new exercise?

I’ve been thinking for ages about how to improve my ground contact force and then i was thinking about using a powerlifting band and icame up with this.

Get band wrapped around a bar in a squat rack. Wrap it around the ball of your foot and do a paw back motion in the same mechanics as a stride.

It seems to be to have a lot of potential as an exercise. what do you all think??

Then with me being an engineer i took it a bit further and imagined a machine with 3 electromagnets working in different directions to replace the bands. Have 3 others wrapped around the ball of one foot (for the pawback) the ankle (to ensure a butt kick) and just around the knee cap (to get the high knee) and i reckon with a bit of tweaking you have a machine that can replicate a stride but with added resistance and ensure good mechanics and ROM for the less flexible/weaker athlete that cant otherwise assume these positions.
Now what do you all think of that? Am i a mad scientist or what>?



Hi Jo,

I believe your description of the band around the bar is mentioned in C.Thib’s Black Book of Training Secrets and he calls it the band stomp or something thereabouts. The machine part sounds interesting! :slight_smile:

Ah i new i saw it somewhere.
So what do you all think of the band stomp?

btw my name is john o connor not jo connor!!
in ireland an o comes between a lot of first names and second names

Hi Jo,

A quick correction; I found the movement in Christian Thibaudeau’s book called Theory and Application of Modern Strength & Power Methods and he calls them “Jump Stretch Band Triple Extensions” (knee, hip, ankle). The key points he mentions are to do as many good triple extensions as possible in a set time period and the band will help you bring back your working leg at a rapid rate, which will help you increase your stride frequency through motor learning. The target capacities are 1) Starting strength 2) Speed-strength and 3) Reactive strength.

This is done by some of the UKs best athletes. I’m unsure if it does what you think it does though. If you read the Barry Ross on Ben and Mo thread:


it suggests that the swing time is not the issue here. I don’t have the answer. If it doesn’t affect you other training in some way I can’t see it hurting too much (though i may be wrong).

im avidly watching that thread. its excellent…

but imo it doesnt apply to a guy like me…
i cant even go under 13s and find simple things like high knee drills for 30m hard.
i will pick mtslef up some bands and see how they go. thanks

if i ever get my ass in gear and go back and do the phd i always wanted in sprint related electronics then i might just look into that machine contraption…

jo…start off simply in terms of sprinting distances.you may not be able to run 13 but try to run X for 30m forst and build on that.with training(proper training) and distance buildup it will be achievable

I can do 4.6s for 30m.
Still in gpp phase so in a month or two i hope to have that to 4.3 os so.
Then i’ll start to build it up

you mean like Brian O’Driscoll? :smiley: :rolleyes:

CT also outlines the band stomp here

Can’t go under 13 sec :eek: welcome to the club …not for long though :smiley:

Oh you heard of him?

Damn it I’m trying to forget about him myself.

I am sick to the back teeth hearing him winge and moan about his tackle.

ITS RUGBY you big child - if you don’t want to get hurt there are plently of chess clubs around.

I am embarassed every time I heard him speak.

Grow up.

I watched the game and ‘tackle’ and my honest opinion is that it was a tough, perhaps dangerous tackle but NOT intentionally dangerous and NOT a spear tackle.

Any other garbage is just excuses and anyone can have one.

Sorry Guys, I just hate whingers and moaners.

I think no23 you are missing his point. He has a DVD out about his lions diary and hes trying to sell a few copies. He only lasted 30s in the tests so he has to do something to make ppl buy it.
I dont really think he’d be going on about it so much if it wasnt for the few quid.
Hes actually a sound guy as rugger buggers go. The few times i’ve come across him hes been very nice and polite. Not at all what i expected.
Most of the D4 lads would spit at you. Im serious about that.
A whole load of spoilt ignorant pr!cks.
Maybe thats why Ireland are so bad. No team spirit or “hard men”

That’s exactly my point …

Bring up ‘the tackle’ again just to sell a book - just to make money.

I’m sorry when I see blatant advertising like that I can’t help but feel sad.

I would have more respect for him if he just went home like Dallaglio, got surgery, hit the gym and came back a better player and left the rest of the Lions get on with it.
If he was serious could he not have been back for the All Blacks game?

Instead hanging around I feel he only added himself as a distraction. He was ‘used’ then to a certain degree by Woodward and Alastair Campbell.

Then he arrives back and drags it up again to sell a book and make money.

He could very well be a very nice guy.

I’m sorry its the money bit that get me.

I really rated OGrizzle before The Lions tour, he was seen as one of the few truely world class palyers in the squad but the way he carried on at the time and since is pretty wanky. The tackle was definitely suspect and should have been investigated further at the time but wasn’t so move on.

I wont even comment on Gavin Henson :rolleyes:

bod is definitely world class and really keeps ireland going on his own which is no mean feat.
re the money. he’s not exactly earning the same as a top soccer player is he? I think its just over 300k salary and remember once he passes 30 his earning potential is gone. I really dont have much problem with him trying to make a few quid.

That’s where we differ guys - I do not consider him World Class for example - would he be able to make the All Blacks 2nd team?
And as for making money - there is a line and using the tackle is IMO crossing it.

Anyway - We’ll agree to disagree

Oh lets not get started on Henson.

Come on he even waxes his legs!!!

probably, if Tana retires he would probably go in the first team.

oh come on! he’s one of the top players in the world. captain of the lions, irelands best player by a mile. he has EVERYTHING. every club in europe is tripping over themselves to sign him. the southern teams would but they know they cant afford him.
Must be a reason for that. I would say if he played behind a pack like NZ’s with a half back like theirs he’d be much better than Umaga.
Remember every time he steps on the park he plays behind a retreating scrum, a 1 dimensional number 9 and is always a marked man.
If he plays badly ireland get walloped. if he plays well we usually win. if unaga plays badly theres always someone to take up the slack.

i wont disagree there. an excellent talent but lack of acceleration means he’ll never be the player his ball skills could make him. maybe he should watch the gpp dvd??
id not ragg on him though. I saw him play underage and he was as skillful as now with ball in hand but a real push over. Credit must go to him for the way hes bulked up and turned his weakness into his strength literally

Certainly Tana didn’t have the best of Grand Slam tours but BOD much better than him? :cool:

well definitely an equal. we’ll never know now. umaga will retire this year and ireland will always be crap…