A MUST Gym Equipment?

What is a MUST equipment for the “Functional” Gym?
I have been asked to suggest a good equipment for one gym (welness centar BTW). My first thought was EFS equipment…
I suggested getting, instead of machines, 2 power racks/cages, boxes and step up (adaptible), GHR, reverse hyper, 1 Cross over (for seated rows, wood chops, etc), benches, a lot of dumbell and maybe a platform… This equipment cannot be found in whole Serbia… so this would be the first gym equiped this way…
I will love to ask your opinion for the “a must” equipment in the gym with a poll! Thanks

I forgot tyres :rolleyes:

you could make a crazy good gym with a squat rack, a bench, a ghr bench and some milk crates.

About 18 years ago …

My first weights set were made one night downstairs in our garage with my father where we cut up, weighed and melted old roof lead flashing into round (Danish Butter Cookie) biscuit tins.

We put a cut part of a broom handle and put it in the middle of the tin and this was taken out when the lead cooled for the hole in the middle of the weight.

I had a long metal bar and an old bench and away I went.

There’s a memory for me for life.

Yes, that would be the best gym and pretty cheap too, but would it attrack average recreatives? It would also need for advanced personal trainer, which usually lack…
And what is milk crates?

BTW, who the hell voted for machines :mad: :slight_smile:

Not quite clear on why there is an Olympic Platform and Bars and Bumper Plates. Wouldn’t having an Oly Platform presuppose that there would be bars and bumpers to go with it?

you could use the olympic platform for towels too :slight_smile:

well i have no interest in the training over the average yuppie. i like many people are only interested in elite humna performance. elite here means getting the most oout of an indiviudals body. elite is relative. for individuals capable of world class achievement the goal should be nothing less than redefinment of elite status.
oh yea milk crates are those plastic crates used to hold milk at grocery stores wal-mart ect.

What about “girls on stationary bikes”? Every gym should (and seem to) have them.

and girls on the ellipical trainers, they should be better positioned too! like near the water fountain next to the main gym section.
i like the way you think there Thor!! Nice

What about TV set with FascionChannel going on all the time?? :smiley: (like in my gym)

what about great stereo with music like “My heart will go on” (or soemthing) from Celie Dione from Titanics? :eek:

and people spending more time gossiping than actually workingout. i use workingout becasue so few actaully train.

Below is a pic of my garage setup. It doesn’t have as much equipment as a lot of people and I could probably do with some chains and bands but can easily get by without them. Training at home suits me just fine, I probably would have got stronger in a commercial setting but the flexibility it offers (for example it is always open :smiley: ) and not having to put up with dorks far outweighs that. Plus it is there for the family…one of the best investments I ever made :slight_smile:

from bottom Left moving clockwise
Box for box squats (aka tool box )
tire for dragging
golf clubs
rower (my wife’s)
Swiss ball
Power cage, bar and weights including dumbells
German Shephard dog (aka Jenna)
My son’s punch bag

cones and med ball are in my car.

thats not a bad space to work with a lot of russian gold medalist were trained in areas smaller than that.

I like that…

Beautiful dog - I love German Shepards
Nice name Jenna too

put a GHR bench in there and you have a means to produce a great athlete.

Thanks, it works well and is never closed :stuck_out_tongue:

Re Jenna, I have told my wife she is a dog snob :eek: and she agrees …as far as she is concerned their are GS and then every other dog breed ranks far behind.

yes a GHR machine would be a good addition and I may have bought one if I wasn’t spending $$$$ to go to CF seminar in Aus in Janurary…mind you I would never get really fast as I’m white :eek: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

i have an elitefts model back in cali, i may get a yessis model as he (along with another unnamed contributer) is the one that really formalized its design and i know his are built to put the muscles under the proper biomechanical stress.

Do you have a link to details?

what details do u mean exactly

My top choice would have been a Nautilus biceps machine or rear delt fly machine, but unfortunately they weren’t available choices.