A model to study....

Could we get a post of all the meets and times Ben ran. (maybe even in graph form)To examine how rebounds took place throughout his career. And how often he competed.

I am pretty sure that this info will be in the new manual Charlie is writing. Furthermore, if you check out the Charlie Francis Training Manual that is already in print, there is a chart outlining Ben’s 9.83 year.

Excellent. But cfts doesnt have all his races. I like how it is outlined though.

If you check out speed trap in conjunction with the CFTM, you can put the comp schedule together for yourself. A vastly expanded set of annual plans will be in the new training manual, complete with training time goals, weight nos per training cycle and speed volumes during all training and comp periods.

Alright Charlie, no pressure but WHEN??!?!?

I can’t take the suspense :slight_smile:

I’m especially interested in the info on the volumes during different times in the training cycle since this seems to me to be one of the trickiest things to manage. I’m muddling my way through now and generally trying to err on the side of too little rather than too much but would love some more details to help me plan better.


Peak when it counts discusses a lecture I gave where I compared the 1982 plan for Angella to the 1985 season for Ben. As the peaking requirement dates lined up almost exactly, I replicated the 1982 com schedule as closely as possible and the results were equally successful. As for the volumes- be careful! Ben was at the highest level of fitness and high int tolerance by 1987- his total annual speed vol was above 60,000 meters!