A Couple Questions

  1. Maintenance…When should it be incorporated? What SPECIFICALLY is it used for? How many times and how long throughout the year should it be used?

  2. Is Int. Tempo 2x a week too much during the GPP (I will only be doing it for 4 weeks)?

  3. When creating a periodized program, if you do three loading weeks of running (easy-med-hard) and then one unloading week (high intensity/low volume) should weights and plyos go the opposite way (hard-med-easy) and then unload?

These are all questions in reference to 400m runners. If I have any more I will post them. Thanks for any and all input.

Maintainence should be used for a 2-3 week block after a max strength phase in the special prep or precomp phase or training
It should also be used during your competive phase because the goal during this phase is to maintain the strength you gained prior without taxing you CNS and without adding any extra muscle mass.

Intensive tempo 2x per week is not too much during GPP but it depends what kinda of volume and intensity speed work you are doing.
Just make sure to spread it out.

So maintenance is strictly for weights? Can’t you go through a maintenance phase on the track as well?

Could you possibly give me what a maintenance phase week would like in contrast to a max strength week?

Also, you’ll see in my journal sometime in the next couple of days I will have the last 4 weeks of GPP done and posted and you will see how I have it set up and then you could see how it’s spread out.


Maintainence is stricly for weights.
In a maintainence week you would use around 80% of you P.R. for 3-4 sets of 3.
As opposed to a max strength phase where you would go above 80% for more sets.

Thanks Quik. Now back to more planning :saint: