a bunch of hamstring questions

i injured my hamstring about two weeks ago, while sprinting. there was some bruising, but other than that, it wasn’t the worst i’ve ever had. as this is the second hamstring injury, in my left leg, this year, i’m nervous about returning to running. when can i return to running?

some of the hamstring injuries i’ve had have felt more like severe cramps than what i would describe as a ‘pull’. is this what a pull feels like, pretty much?

i have had seven hamstring injuries (5 in the right, 2 in the left), all but one from sprinting. at the age of 47, should i just decide that my sprinting days are over and stick to 800s? i’m just running for fitness.

i’ll even take one word answers.

Considering your age and goals, you may want to tone training down a bit. You should be sprinting because you enjoy it, and from the multiple injuries you have accumulated it sounds like your training may be to difficult for your body to tolerate.

You injuries could stem from a lot of areas, and from you history I could throw a couple of ideas around. We could get into imbalances, technique, scar tissue etc. However, since the goal is fitness, get yourself checked out and train at a level your body can handle. Not sure if thats what you wanted to hear, but hope it helps.

thanks for your response, chris. i have pretty much come to the conclusion that all out sprints are too risky for me, considering my history of injury (i really just wanted to hear somebody else say it). i have consulted with a physical therapist and don’t really have any major imbalance issues, side to side. my quads are easily stronger than my hams, but having fallen in love with deadlifts over the past year or so, my hams are stronger than they ever were. i have no need for sprinting, except that i used to love the feel of it. right now and in the near future, my fitness is far more important. i’m thinking sticking to 800s will give me a great workout while being at a pace that does not put me at risk of injury.

Hey everyone out there!!
I hurt my hamstring last uear and it still has not felt the same yet. I have no power in my ham and it hurt near the insertion to my glute and my glute also it not firing properly as well. It has taken all the power from my quad and it is starting become really scary. Waht do you think it can be and what should do. I have had MRI’s and like most doctors they are clueless!!


Hip alignment is key to preventing hamstring injuries. See a chiro or therapist who knows how to align your hips and you should be fine. I’ve only had hamstring problems when my hips were out of wack.

I hurt my hamstring, and it felt like I got hit with a baseball type kind of bruise. I’ll tell you this, just rest it all the way through. For me all I needed was a straight week of rest and now my legs feel fresh as crap. So make sure you just get some rest your whole body will enjoy it.