A-B Skips Technique Photos and Variations?

Hi all,

Question 1: In CFTS Charlie talks about A-B Skips but never actually shows a set of pictures describing how they are actually performed. I have read descriptions but I am still not sure. Does anyone have a link to step by step pictures or video of how they are performed?

Question 2: From what I can figure from the forums, A-B Skips were invented by Gerald Mach and A=high knees B=Claw action. It also sounds like these drills were then altered to create Speed Dynamics – which seems to be a buzz word in the world of T&F. What are the differences between A-B skips and Speed Dynamics drills? Is it just dorsi-flexion through entire movement?

Question 3: It also appears there is a “C” drill which is less popular. What is it and why don’t people discuss it so much?

I’ve searched the forums but if there is a thread about this already please let me know.



I learned the drills from Gerrard Mach and I think attempts to re-invent them with a new name havn’t been that great. If you want to see drills, you can get the GPP DVD, available on this site.

Cheers Charlie,

I’m waiting on shipping costs for the DVD, I guess it will answer most of my questions. Sorry for spelling Gerrard’s name wrong by the way!