800 Meters

How many of you are training 800 meter runners fro0m an anaerobic/speed basis? I have been training some 800 meter runners lately with 70% anaerobic/30% aerobic. No long runs , less than 20 miles a week. Thoughts? I have had some success lately.

If i was traing 800 runners right now that is how i would do it…
Can you be more specific and give us a typical week in the precomp and competetion phase?

Id say the same muscleman, but i am thinking somewhere between 10-15 miles per week, no long runs, except for in place of tempo sessions. We are talking more of an 800/400 runner right? Post a typical week, i do sessions of 1000’s for mileage, 600’s/400’s for sp endurance and 300’s, 200’s for speed endurance and tempo.

Do any of you have an update on your 800m training programs focused on anaerobic abilities?
Traditional criticism would say the large volume of high quality work gives good initial results but leads to burnout/stagnation of improvement. The High School Record holder Michael Granville (1:46 off mostly intervals) is an oft-cited example, as he has not improved significantly since high school. I think he’s on the Nike Farm Team roster now.


yeh but im thinkin they are refering to 300, 400, or 600 m repeats, not interval runs…i would think that would be effective

anaerobic ability is the key to the 800 meter race. However, it is the second half of the race that is ran using the aerobic energy system of the runner. During the first lap the majority of the runner’s oxygen is burned up and the heart must work to cycle the now empty blood cells around the body. Watch your purely anearobically trained athletes’ splits I gurantee you that their second lap is 6-9 seconds slower than their first. I say that an aerobic base is important to the full maturation of a competitive 800m runner but should not be a focus during the last third of a training cycle.