7-5-3 reps or 3-5-7

if i am training for maximum strength; normally did the order like 9-6-3 or 7-5-3 befinning with lower intensity.

But now i am thinking about the other way around: i can go for more intensity at 3 rep if a am starting with this and then reduce the weight.

Dont know what of both makes more sence…

Any thoughts?

if training for maximum strength…with 7 reps there are 4 too much…

The first rep-scheme “emphasises” hypertrophy; the second maximum strength.
They are both a compromise between the two.
Hope it helps!

i know they are a compromise, but i am 19 and i dont fell strong enough(joints…) to lift just with 3 reps.
So for maximum strength you would recommend 3-5-7 or 3-4-5 or sth like that.


I didn’t mean compromise in a bad way.
If this is the case with you (also, not sure about your background in weights) I would stick with a 4-6 reps range.

If you definitely want to choose between your two options, I would go with the first one in your case, I suppose.
Hope this suits you!

PS joint stability etc should be taken care of much earlier than the MxS phase -just a reminder…