66 seconds to 50 flat in the 400

How hard does anyone think it will be?

Well for the average person, damn near impossible. However, if you’re referring to yourself, it may be attainable, because you already run an 11.62 100, and have a relatively young training age.

young?its closer to nearly none

How long are we talking? 1 year?

ummm a couple weeks?a month at most?

Probably not possible. I would say 99.999% even if you are on a very good “nutritional” program.

Damn man even if i work hard?i still think i can do it that .0001 percent isnt that small

take it from someone who tried that, i tried to be fast in a month too. Kept telling myself to keep working harder and harder until at one point I overtrained. Then i got weaker and slower.


Can’t do it this year? Wait until next year, and if you go on a good program, maybe u can even run sub 50s! Patience is the key. Ok back to lifting.

lol everybody works hard, it doesn’t mean they will drop THAT MUCH TIME off of a 400m in less than a month. Maybe a year you could do it with some hard work, hell maybe even 6 months, but not a month or less. Work your ass though, maybe you’ll prove me wrong.

whoa whoa whoa who said in 1 month?it takes time i was thinking like a year

oooooohhhh wait when i said a few weeks to a month i meant thats how long i’ve been training seriously for track

Go step by step instead of trying to reach one huge goal all at once. Going for a big goal without doing all the times in between probably won’t happen unless you’re very lucky. You’ll probably run tight and overtrain trying to do too much. Use your head.

eh? u said that

When he said a couple of weeks, a month at most he was reffering to his training age, not the time period that he wished to achieve the goal in.

i think that there is something wrong, with you if you can only run 66seconds for a 400meters. There is somthing seriously wrong!

I beleave you could, run 50seconds in 2months. Also your 200meter times are not weak, so i don’t see a problem in running 50seconds.

You can do it.

Now Ive never run the 400 competitively, but Id say that that big of a drop is a lot to ask for in a year. But I think a lot of it depends on your current conditioning levels. Just getting in shap alone is going to drop a ton of time off if you are really out of shape. Specifically training your speed endurance will also drop time, but again it all depends on what shape you are in. Id say from 66 down to the 60 high 50s range will come quickly, but after that its going to take specific training to make smaller incremental gains. Make some weekly/monthly goals for yourself and in a year, Im sure youll be very pleased. Make sure you are keeping track of all your workouts. Also you ran respectable 100m and 200m times, but the 400 is a whole nother beast. Read all you can on it, make a program…and good luck.

I dunno… 16 seconds off your PB in one year is alot to ask for… As others have stated, set some smaller goals first; take it step by step to finally reach that one big goal at the end… You will be more succesful and feel better about yourself if say you want to break 60 seconds first, then worry about what you want to do after that… It might take a little longer than a year, but who knows… Im not really sure what kinda things you do. It took me from age 13 (56.59) to age 17 (50.3) to take off 6 seconds… I SERIOUSLY started training when I was 14, and even then I only went down to 53.31… Set up some reasonable small goals at first, train smart, and you should be succesful.

Very hard. But it depends on your current training how you can accomplish it and how long it will take.
According to your 200m time you should be able to run 400 below 54 anyhow and looking at your 100m time your 200m time could be better, too.

No disrespect, but if your 400m is considerably more than 2x200m time + 10% something must be not perfect about your fitness level and/or form.
Try to analyze what it is and work on it, or better have a good coach do it for you.

Looking at your times 52-54 should be possible in one or two seasons, if you do it right. Just a guess since we don’t know more about you.

Sorry, I just read the other posts - if you’re just training for a few weeks it’s clear why your times are so different for short and long sprints.

I know a former soccer player - he ran 70s without training and could not run 200m below 28s. In one year he was down to 58 and little faster than 26s with a 100m time of still 13.0.
You have a good 100m time so you could go to low 50s quite soon. Below 50 might take you a while…

I think you will have no problem running a sub 50 in one year (see next paragraph). Your natural ability shows in the 100m, which is more of an indicator of your ability.

The 400m is a mind game. Achieving success is more of ones ability to stare down your demons in gut wrenching training. This is not for everyone. You won’t know until your start training for it. If you are cut out for the 400 mentally and train properly, It sounds like you have tremendous potential.