60m Competition Taper Week

Guys what do you think of this template for 60m competition

Mon: 4x30, 1x80, 1x120
Tues: 10x100m tempo on grass
Wed: rest
Thurs: warm up
Fri: 60m competition

Any one has other suggestions, is this a lot of sprinting on monday, and should be 100% or sub max? what about the rest of the week. Thanks

What have you been doing before the final taper? If you havn’t done any work past 60m then i wouldn’t do the 120, simply because before a race i want the athlete to feel good about everything they are doing. The 60 and 80 would probably feel fast but they might die a bit on the 120 - not good for the confidence.

I’d do something like:

2x30m from a stand
3x30m block starts
2x60 from a stand with 15-20min recovery

Then keep the rest of my plan similar to what you have. Thursday would be warm up and warm down with perhaps a few explosive med ball throws (like 5) onto a high jump mat or some easy gymnastics.


actually i havent done any 120s or any form of speed endurance but i plan to this week. and then i would use this taper plan for next week. what i been trying to avoid was running my racing distance on the same week, do your athletes find that psychologically useful in anyway??
this is what my training generally looks like, i came out of a serious knee injury and i been recovering for 3.5month and i think im ready for proper sprinting. this week will be week3 of training, and then will compete next week. my training been looking like this

Mon: Hills 10x10, 10x20, 10x30
Wed: Special Endurace like 200,150,200
Fri: Hills 2x4x60m

and i take saturdays and sundays off. so what do you think. should i keep this week (week3) the same or modify it in anyway.

Ok, If you are just racing (not a major championship) you don’t really need to taper for the event just treat it as a special endurance session and continue your training as normal. You might have to move your week around a bit to fit but the changes arn’t that massive. This is all covered on the Van’04 DVD.

As for running over the 60m in training and competition it isn’t really an issue because they arn’t doing it from blocks so the times arn’t really comparable (at least not to them).

Everything in SPP1 is done over distances of 60m but we don’t run flat out for the full 60m until about 4 weeks from compeition by which time they are flying anyway and can’t wait to race.

bad workout

when you say you dont run flat out for the full 60m untill 4 weeks out, do you do things like the 20m in-out-in, out-in-out??? or do you do a gradual build up for 40m and hit it for the last 20m???

Kind of. Speed Endurace is done through split runs where you run the first part of the 60m fast and then maintain speed for the rest of the run. Its all shown on the Van’04 DVD.

i have the dvd, but don’t seem to remember that, maybe i need to watch it again

Its the speed endurance recovery incomplete part of the short to long programme!

ahh that’s why, coz i cant see what’s on the program, coz its to blurry :mad:

Are you looking at the GPP DVD? If so, you won’t find the SPP program there (which would, of course follow). You can find the SPP material, including a sample plan for both the long-to-short and the short-to-long approach on the Vanc 2004 DVD.

yeh i was talking about the vancovour series, i still waiting for the gpp to be sent.

and the tables that have the progression’s from long - short and short - long are really blurry so i cant see what information is on them.

you’re supposed to get a pdf file along with it- write to info@charliefrancis.com for it.

ok so when i get this info.

im simple terms you would follow a schedule like.

SPP(either from the short-ling graph on the vancouver dvd or long-short

and then what happens???

I didnt get the pdf file along with it and i did mail info@charliefrancis.com and still cant access it.

yeah me neither.

Then you taper, run indoors, rest week and GPP/SPP2 (its at the end of Van’04 DVD). SPP2 is a whole new ball game… one day CF will get around to going through SPP2.

ok thanks,
the reason i asked the question was, i guess im in my SPP ill be in it for another 4 weeks then i have my taper, and then i need to be running fast 4 weeks after my taper again.

Which of the two is your main focus?
This is what you should really taper off for -unless the second taper depends on the first, i.e., a time standard, etc…

yeh the second taper depends on the first taper. so the first is trials for a major comp and if i ran fast enough then will have to run even faster for the major comp