60m and 100m training

I’m looking for some track training tips to help me out until I get to the club.

I am hoping to compete in the 60m during this off season in november or december and then carry it on after christmas.

Until then I am focusing on increasing strength and power, improving my vertical jump.

My stats:

Age- 18
PB- 11.57 this was a good while ago, hoping to be a lot faster soon as I am a lot stronger too. been playing rugby and football etc

squat- 130kgx5
bench press- 40kg Dumbells x7
VJ- 30 inches

At the moment I have 2 upper body weights and 1 lower body weights a week. Please give me some ideas of track sessions to add in.

I’ve read Clyde Hart’s stuff about training slower focusing on technique which will lead to racing fast.

What Charlie Francis book/dvd is recommended?


Start with GPP essentials

cheers charlie :smiley:

I’m in the UK, just checked the dvd out, but will this dvd work in the UK?

There’s a download available which goes into your computer.

And it plays on my computer in the UK !