55m Training

Hey guys
I was wondering what a good training program for a 55m sprinter would be? Any posts would be appreciated.

The training program would look pretty similar to a training program for a 100m guy but I would expect that the need for SE workouts would be reduced (or completely omitted). So a weekly plan could be built something like the following:

Monday: Speed (starts, accelerations work up to 30m), explosive med ball, plyos, weights
Tuesday: Tempo, low intensity core work
Wednesday: Speed (starts, speed work up to 80m), plyos, weights
Thursday: Tempo, core work
Friday: Speed (starts, top speed work -flying 20s), explosive med ball, plyos, weights
Saturday: Tempo, core
Sunday: rest

Volumes and intensities would be cycled according to the training stage.

Week 1
Monday-Start and Accelleration Training

Tuesday-Cadence Training
Downhill Sprints

Wednesday-Tempo Runs

Thursday-Maximum Speed Training
Done With Flying Start
3x25m(2, rest 10 min)
Standing Start

Friday-Drive Phase Training and Endurance
Run Stadium Steps-2x(1)
Lunge Stadium Steps(2-3 at a time)-2x(1)
Running Lunges-2x20m(1)
300m Shuttle-2x(1)

It gets progressivly hard and i also have a weight training routine but Id like to see what you think of this.

what phase is that part of?

Im getting a copyright on this idea

Training focus by month
*(short speedwork to be conducted also)

EX 1: (In nov. training focus 40m also 10-20m blocks should be conduted)
EX 2: (In jan. training focus 60m also 10-30 blocks starts conducted)

Monthly Focus
SEPT:20m Low volume
OCT: 30m " "
NOC: 40m High volume
DEC: 50m " "
JAN: 60m " "

Competition phase: blocks starts
low volume…tapers used
Duration 4-6 weeks.

Mainbuild up phase
Duration twelve weeks (four week cycles)
Meets mid of Jan 12? - late feb

Setup of Volume

Total volume for speedwork 250-300m max depending on recovery nutrition ect. if your not ben johnson… use low volume if you know what I mean.

Tempo volume: (same of ben johnson theory) Up to 1400m.
Ex: workout…4x150…4x100m
Rest inbetween sets walkback (if needed) up to 90 sec rest.
Also 3-5minutes between sets.

Setup of Cycle

(volume low to high)
week 1…100%
week 2…100%
week 3…100%
week 4… 95%

T.Lane/Mustapha Jinadu
(volume high to low)
week 1…90-95%
week 2…100%
week 3…100%
week 4…100% (10m-20m block starts/rest week oneday of speedwork
…no plyo’s or weightlifting)

Setup of week


M Speedwork/weights
T Tempo
W Speedwork/weights
R Tempo/
F Speedwork/weights
S Tempo
Sun Rest

Also see new ebook on forum review for c.francis alterations

Weekly setup
(for athlete with limited resources)

T.Lane / Mustapha Jinadu… East German Variation "sholinsky’ (sp)
(two high intensity followed by two low and one high… one mod high and one low)

M- Speedwork/plyos
T- Tempo/lifting
W- Striders or Tempo
R- Rest
F- Speedwork/speed-endurance
S- Rest/lifting (occasional tempo)
Sun Rest

*comment I find lifting the day after speedwork is much easier the day after then on the same day of speedwork. I find the volumes much to high to do speedwork/lifting in one day unless one of them is cut down substancially. Too much volume in one day brings the level down to far to rebound for me personally. Take in mind every athlete has different tolerances to workouts.

If you need more info I can post the actual program I use. Goodluck.

I have found the EXACT same thing!!

I have my workouts structured with weights the day after speed. Only way I could give adequate attention to both!


Clemson would you like to comment on the effects of blood sugar here possibly playing a role?

Oops just erased my last post…
Ill start again. I find this with almost every athlete I have worked with. Most athletes cant tolerate lifting after speedwork very well. Although it depends on the athlete. I have heard athletes complain that they felt dizzy,tired,drained, had a hard time focusing, low energy levls, cant concentrate. Sounds like signs of hyperglycemia if you asked me. Well maybe just low blood sugar, but you get the point. I find that even with four hours between lifting and sprinting this will still occur. There is such a thing as to much volume in one session. Is this too much cns work. Thoughts?

I am interested in seeing the actual plan. Thank you.

I will post a plan.

Just to further my point here,

This is not to outplace charlie’s methods. My ideas were for an athlete with limited resources. If the athlete has all the correct sources then charlies program is superior. This program which was contributed by charlie / the east german’s will go unchallenged for some time. My point was to show variations of the program.

I found some articles on this same subject. Theres a Italian coach (i forgot his name) But he trains his athletes by making them lift jump and sprint 20-30m (total vol. depends on what training period they are in but generally no more than 600m total) all in the same session. Then on the following day to tempo and core work. I have heard many coaches started to use this system for 100-200m athletes only. I got in touch with the womens head coach at Rice univ. in texas and he told me he has been using this program for years and it has been sucessful. I am going try this out this fall to see if it really works. If anyone has any comments on this please let me know. I will try to post the workouts on the training diary.

If you are referring to sprinting, plyos, and lifting in the same session, then there may not be too much wrong with it as long as volumes coordinate to avoid overtraining. I do that, but my lifting volume is so low yet effective that I can lift, sprint and do plyos on the same day.

Just make sure to plan accordingly.