50m Times

I already pmed this to xlr8, but since I cant pm charlie and get everyones thoughts/suggestions via pm, i thought Id put it up here. I ran 2x50m=6.33, 6.3. What could one draw from these times? Such as strong points…55 and 60m times, potential times…I am 237lbs, 5’11". Thanks everyone and all opinions are appreciated.

Was this handtime or FAT?

6.33 HT is probably a 12.00FAT 100m I would think (11.8 FAT)


FAT, i clocked in faster but added .24, hmm I was more interested in the short sprint times, thanks though…haha not bad at 237…w/ only been back on sprint training for 2 weeks.

Adding .24 isnt accurate though most of the time especially with short sprints. I would guess in a FAT 60 meter you would be in the 7.7 to 7.80 range depending on how tired you are for the last 10 meters :slight_smile:

really? over a second more for 10 m?, these werent from first move, they were rxn to GO!..i dont know though, maybe…

If they’re actually 6.3 FAT equivalent, then you could probably expect low 6.80’s over 55, and 7.35-7.40ish in the 60.

I would say it equates to 7.40-7.50 60m., 6.90-6.95 55m.

Thats what I was thinking, something around there…I think lost mass, added strength, lost bodyfat, and more sprint training should account for some drastic drops, in which case if I can run well enough, Id like to focus on track, does anyone think 6.2’s is in reach for the 55 and 6.8’s in the 60 by december?

So say I got timed at a 6.04 50 mts what would that equate to in a 60?? Roughly

6.2 FAT in the 55 is pretty legit, from the looks of your 50 time I might say you are reaching high, I don’t know if you should worry too much about setting goals on times, I think your first goal should be to work on the weight loss, strength, low body fat %, and sprint training you talked about. 6.2 would be a provisional qualifier for division 1. Start with small more attainable goals and move on as you reach them. Having said all that, I think anything is possible with ample dedication.

first step will be to get under 200…

237lbs ?! It´s 107kg ?!

Hi Numba,
What kind of body do you have ?
Are you a Big Bodybuilder or a fat guy ?
I don´t believe that a 107kg for 5’11’ guy cab run 50m in 6.33s,
sorry, it is just my believes.

Thing is big guys slow down HARD after 40meters typically.

I am not saying you can’t run faster but without accurate timing it is impossible to judge.

I ran a timed 50meter last night in 6.0 HT (Not sure how accurate that was) and there is no way I’d run 7.0 for 60m right now and I am down to 196 pounds. (I am just getting back into shape again though. You might be in much better shape than me) :slight_smile:

Just my thoughts from running at a heavier weight and also from what I have seen the bigger guys (225 pounds plus) typically do after 40meters :slight_smile:


Numba, forget sprinting for a while and start thinking about your health. To maintain 237lbs, 5"11 you need to be consuming close to 4500-5000 kcals/ day i.e a disgusting amount of food. Most sprinters are in the 150lb-180lb weight range. Truthfully, even though cardio has a detrimental effect on strength levels (to some extent), your going to have to start doing some type of cardio. Don’t be to worried about the cardio effect on strength levels and if you are worried, do your cardio first then hit the weights. You could always stop doing cardio when you hit 150lb-180lb range. If you can shed that weight while at the same time maintain strength levels, well you should end up super quick. When I shedded the few extra lbs I had I noticed I was alot quicker accelerating.

Start lowering you caloric intake, start drinking more water & green tea & start bumping up your cardio a little.

237lbs, 5’11". Jesus.

  1. I honestly dont eat as much as you think…its closer to 3300 calories a day,

  2. well thats what i weight and thats what I ran, and I ran it 6.09, 6.06, then added .24, Im not a fat guy, its just as soon as I touch weights I just gain weight, no matter my diet, etc…like my diet hasnt changed from when I was 205, the diff, ive been lifting weights, not like a bodybuilder either, heavy low rep, low set orientation…I dont know…

  3. no, ive started loosing weight via sprinting and tempo workouts, I figure this will take care of it and if I can get in the 190 range, that should be fine…

  4. And I dont feel myself slowing after 40m, i feel like i keep running faster…

  5. Hey thats fine, you believe what you believe I said all coments were appreciated, but thats what I ran…

Well, i have to congratulate you Numba, because probably you are the fastest guy with this range of weight/height.
What about your speed endurance times ?
100m ? 150m ? 200m ?
Maybe you´re explosive…

  1. I dont think I am, i think some oly lifters could take me, also there are very fast larger people in the NFL(even though this is from first move, it is impressive, DWight Freeny, over 250, 6’1", sub 4.4 40’s…)

  2. I have never ran a timed 100, 150, 200, etc…I’ll try to get a more accurate gauge next week when I train with our 100m runner and when we use the 120 to finish.

  3. I feel like i am and hope training will improve it…but I am very sure the longer the distance the more Ill fade due to my mass being a hinderance on top speed and speed endurance as well as lack of training in these area…will keep on training though and see from there…

You’re pretty impressive to run such times with dragging all that weight around. I see that instead of trying to expect how fast you can run a specific distance. Just run it and know. You see. Timing was never a problem. Instead of knowing exactly, exactly how fast you have ran you can know how much you have improved since you are being timed in the same way all the time. So you measure the delta difference where the errors about delete them selves out. So you can know you’re improving or not and how much

Hey Numba — Great Job on the 50M times… I think like everyone’s said there is plenty of room for improvement (and it will be interesting to see what a 190-195 version of you could do), and have been following your Combine workouts…
Ignore RnR… this is the third time in about 2 weeks I can remember him trolling. He has not posted anything on his training, background, or goals… sounds awfully suspect.

yes thanks for the encouragement, I believe there are a lot of things RnR just doesnt understand…for example that size(muscle) is an advantage for football, but i would like to get down, as most people in highschool are weak and i believe i can compete very well at 200-205, and then be able to drop down to 190-195 by the time track rolls around, my friend tristan was 175 an 5’9" but would win overall titals at powermeets, and he was very very good. I am working on strength now. So i can hav a successful track and football season, w/e can get me a scholorship, and my weight would be fine as i can put it on very easily with lifting…