4x300 at 90%

my coach wants us to a workout of 4x300 at 90% with 10 minutes recovery. when i figured this out on the calculator it was 4 seconds slower than my personal best, and i found this to be quite slow. what is this workout accomplishing? also, would i even be able to go 95% with only 10 minutes recovery and still do all 4 reps?

Wait till you run the workout :slight_smile:

I think it will be challenging. :slight_smile:

I think it all depends on what kind of shape you are in whether you’ll hit your goal times or not. As far as what is the workout accomplishing, it is a Special Endurance workout. And as chris30 said, it will be challenging. Good luck.

Even with 10 min. recovery, it may become difficult to maintain consistency (time) and quality (minimal strain) in this session.

When we did a workout like this with an intermediate hurdler, the rationale was stamina maintenance (rounds) during comp phase. With proper tapering, it resulted in satisfactory performances.

You might want to give your meals a chance to fully digest!

Track, how old are you and how long training?

What phase are you in?

Also, is it your current pb or your proper pb?

well track365 is my teamate and we did that 4x300 workout today (indoors) as i said in another thread. MAN IT HURT! We are at the end of precomp and previously to this we been doing stuff like 350 300 200 150 and such with full 15-20 mins recovery. We been running our 300’s in around 36 mid and our 200’s in 23 mid. My PR for the 200 indoors is 22.54 and i have already ran 22.75 my first run this season.

Anyway the reason we did this workout is because our new coach who has been working with footbal and taken over the sprints. It is a short to long program just like me and my other coach had been implementing with a few changes. This was one of them. He thinks we had it all backwards and should of doen this lactate tolerance work like we did today during the whole precomp phase and then later on the recvoeries could be extended liek we have been.

Anyway. Me and my partner ran our first 300 in 38.0. Rather slow but we knew we had more to do. The second was 37.9. And we could nopt even stand afterwards nevermind walk. We managed to get to the line 10 mins later in pain and ran 45!!! we were done after that.


***Also this coach had been 10th at olympic trials in 96" decath and played defensive back in the NFL and also has had alot of influence from charlie who worked with one of the athletes he had trained.

It would be good to know what you were doing for each 50m or 100m segment. Would be surprised if they were run within a half percent or less of each other.

If the segments are off (at the horn), our athletes are instructed to shutdown. Better to have a shortened session and perhaps recover better for near-term attempts at this energy system?