4th meet

I ran my badly today…

I blame my Coach he made us run 1 hour none stop! the day before the meet and every 10 mins we had to sprint and to top it not practice hand offs.

I told them before we ran this stuff this would make us tired for the meet and they would like its going to help you…

I ran the 100m and the 200m i finished 3rd in both races time 11.4 and 23.6
I was tired from allll the running :mad:

I am just going to do what they say and finish this year out…
Not expecting much improvement this year :confused:

1 hour fartleks the day before a meet is questionable even for 5000 meter runners, I don’t see the benefit for sprinters at all. Fact is, I don’t know if 1 hour fartleks are very helpful for sprinters at any part of the season or off season.

I’d do what you can to change the coach’s opinion. Send them to this site. Even buy the video and DVD for your coach if you can afford it. See if the school will pay for it.

Print out articles and bring it to him.

If all else fails, try to find a track club in the area. If it’s any good, quit your school team and join up.