400m training diary - goal Olympics

I’m starting a diary to help motivate me to make the team for the Olympics next year. I have 46 weeks until trials…

Thursday 18/4

3x3x30m starts (lying, falling, crouch without blocks) - not timed. Felt comfortable but was a little tired by the last set. R=3:6
10 hops each leg
10 bounds
10 low hops each leg
Felt strong and powerful
Gym - 2x5 squat, 2x8 single leg back extension, 2x8 chins Quads felt a little shaky doing squats

Friday 19/4

tempo 2x500m, 5x200m (lower volume due to past calf problems) Legs sore from yesterday but reasonably smooth session

Sat 20/4

rest + abs (300 reps) + pushups (4x20) + stretching. Should have done abs and pushups yesterday but I ran out of time

Me - age 23 pb 47.43 (but 46.7 off the first leg in a relay). Trained for last season and was probably in 46-47 shape but a calf injury ruined my season. I am trying to make the 4x400m relay squad for Australia. I will probably need between 45.5 to 46.0 to do this - hopefully within reach… Haven’t competed seriously since 2000 (4th at nationals) so it might be a tough road back.

Could you tell us a bit more about yourself? where are you from? what kind of times do you have under your belt? Good Luck, keep us up to date