400m overdistance

The only reason I can think of in performing over distance for the 400m ie. 500-800, is to increase type IIa aerobic capacity? (Lactic tolerance can be trained using distances below 400m.) Thoughts?

Also, will 800’s increase this quality further? Will their different running form result in the hams being recruited to a lesser proportion (compared to the quads) and hence no further benefit to the hams?

I only use overdistance 400m training on Ext. Tempo mixed with Running A’s for strength endurance. It makes for a great workout and really helps get the most out of the tempo workout and is not really hard on the CNS. It really brings out the best qualities of the ext. tempo.

The farthest I go past 400m is 500m reps (did it 1x) because once you get out too far you won’t be able to run fast enough for any real quality in your workout, but if you run it slower (i.e. ext. tempo) then you can still get something from the workout. I still only go to 600m. 800m seems too long for me.

Do you have any intensive tempo training sessions? Any intermediate work? 70% - 90%? If so, what are the rest intervals?

Who’s that question directed to?

hills and fast-paced tempo helps

It is directed towards you. Thanks for your guidance!

Usually Int. Tempo rest intervals are 1-5min depending on distance. I usually do reps b/t 100-400m. I don’t see any purpose in going beyond that at this speed.

Some workouts:

That’s just off the top of my head. You can really play around with it, though.