400m Indoors

Hey all,

Who’s had experience running a 400m indoors? I wonder how different does it feel to run a 400m indoors and outdoors.

I know the bends are tighter, but HOW much tighter do they actually feel? Also how does the “banked bend” feel?

The indoor tracks are 200m around if I’m not mistaken.

Thanks. :).

They feel much tighter and suck all around :).

How the bank feels and how tight though will vary by degree at each track you go to and even which lane you draw. If you get an inside lane on a flat track, it’s going to be awful, but an outside lane on an oversized or really big banked track can be a bit easier to manage.

YEs the curves are tighter but its not that big of a deal on a 400m as compared to a 200m and the way it feels on oyur body. Just put it like this on a 200m you can take off .5 to show an equivalant outdoor time an a full 1.0 on a 400m. He was correct with the assesment of the banks.