400m - 1990 Comm Games

This is for KitKat - you should remember this one.
4th race in 2 days…


Quite big for a 400m guy…in fact became a quite good rugby man…if I’ remember well…
Remember his BP kk?

Unfortunately he didn’t make it in rugby league. He was a marked man whenever he got the ball, and it was too late to make the jump.

And unfortunately life has not been great for him since.


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Gee, popular.
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I only just noticed this thread. I would like to see the race. There was a fierce headwind on the backstraight, but the crazy Kenyans just took off, so Clark had to cover them while trying to save something for a move around the 200 start where there was some sort of wind funnel effect as I recall. In footage I have on tape, the TV coverage showed him from behind as he hit the finish and all across the back of his shoulders his skin was bluey-black which to my mind illustrated how much work he had done with his arms in that race. It’s a wonder he was able to raise them on the finishline. :slight_smile:


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I just put it up on YouTube. Too tired to figure out emedding, here’s the link


How did you do that? I just put it up and hadn’t posted the link yet!?

no idea what happened but anyway thanks. it’s there, brought back memories. It was a magnificent run. Can’t see much of his mechanics in this grainy film, but they were real nice.

To show what a difference 4 yrs makes (or even 2 for that matter)

1986 comm games final:


Clark had a different coach then, different strategy, different training, different pretty much everything. How the f… he could even end up in the outside lane in a final is beyond me…he had too much talent to find his way into that situation. But that race sewed the seeds of change which would bear fruit two years later… with his 44.38 in Seoul followed by the Com Games correction - gold in a meet record 44.60. The 86 Games were won in around 45.5! (but conditions were very cold)

gutsy call to change Coaches, many would have been satisfied with a Comm Games silver and thought if I keep doing what I’m doing I will progress and …

Kinda like when Faldo amazed the golfing world by reinventing his swing as he knew what he was doing although better than most simply wasn’t going to take him to where he wanted to go.

Gotta be impressed by people that do that and make it happen.

Not so gutsy in Clark’s case. Especially after the Italian cops were called into the athletes’ village at the '87 Rome world championships after he smashed a chair during an fierce argument with his coach who blamed him for every failure and expected the plaudits for every success. When Clark left that arrangement (following his last place finish in the 400m semis in Roma), that same coach said Clark “would never be heard of again”. WRONG.