400H training

I am wondering about what kind of training I should be doing this summer to get ready for the 400H next year. I have heard different things. Some people say work on speed and come at it from there, and then I’ve heard come at it from endurance. I’m 20, current PR’s; 200, 23.0. 400:50.6, 400H:55.85. Any and all suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

Just a note, I have always had a good deal of natural endurance. Have run 2:00 for 800 (age 18)

thanks again

Please work on technique!!!
You have a 5 sec difference on 400 and 400H

It should be in the range of 2,3-3,7 sec.

have you tried the workout given in earlier post?


yeah, i tried that workout, and i like it. but i’m not racing again until next year, so i can’t see the benefits just yet. Thanks for the input tho.