400 Meter Program Help

I’m 5’10, 150 lbs, have been training for about 6-7 months pretty hard. My current time in the 400 is about 60 seconds I’m trying to bring it down to around 54 seconds. I’m hoping to do this in as little time as possible. So tell me what you think about my workout schedule. Do you think this will work well.
Sample week:

M: 4 flying 30’s and 2 60 meter runs
T: Tempo 3,000 m
W: 2 sets of 3x200 (60 seconds between reps/ 15 mins sets) fast enough to recover but quality work
TH: Tempo the same as Tuesday
F: 2x4 flying 30’s with 3 minutes rest
Sa: Jog 4.5 miles, easy
S: Rest

Doing runs at 95% for first week or two

What are your thoughts on training like this for the 400.