400 hurdle training

I’m not sure if this post belongs here, but I’ll take a chance and post it anyway. I’m a 400 hurdler, pr 55.80. But I really dont know how I really should be training. I’ve heard that I should be coming at it from a strength standpoint, but I’ve also heard from a speed standpoint. I guess I’m just wondering what is the best way to come at training if I want to get down under 53 within the next couple years. I appreciate any input I can get.

This maybe of some help.
I am also a 400 H runner with a pb of 51,95 ran in 2000 in Barcelona.
In holland a concenpt of training was introduced by Harry schulting a 48sec runner.
By deviding the 400 hurles in 3 parts he believes that you can archieve the best specific 400 H training.
the part are:
1: h 1-2-3-4 with 20 metre start
2: h 4-5-6-7 wth 20m start
3: h 7-8-9-10 also 20 m start

the programms you run are:
1st part: 3x2x h1-2-3-4 6-8min rest between run and 12-15 min between sets

2nd part 2x4x H4-5-6-7 2min betw runs 20 min betw sets

3rd part you run: 2x3x (h4-5-6-7 thnn1-2minrest’ h-7-8-9-10) take 4 min between runs 20 min between set . this is NOT fun to do but very good if you wont to experience the 400h feeling you get on the last few hurdles.

You can do this workout to test your ability to run a complete workout.

We sometines do the 3 workouts in 2 weeks and then calculate the times we run in competition. they way to that is following:
clock all touchdon times between the hurdles add all 9 times(from h1 to h2 , h2 to 3 etc)then add 12 sec. and you have your time for competition +/- 0,7 sec.

One thing you have to think about is that you dont run all ass fast as you can, but try to finish the training, so dont go faster than race pace. The last part h7-10 try to tin these evenly paced!! this is very hard.

to give an impression this are the ideak times for a 48,50 runner:
h1-4(3,8-,4.0-4.0)h4-7(4.0-4.1-4.2)h7-10(all 4,5)

more info one this type of trining on:
(portugese tranlated)|en&u=http://www.fpatletismo.pt/dtn/veloc_barr/tecnica/400_400b/planeamento/individualizacao_tr.htm&prev=/language_tools


Is this workout something that should be done all in one day, or is it over the course of the 2 weeks like you were talking about. Just so I can clarify. thanks for your input. anything else you can tell me would be greatly appreciated

One set of 4 hudles is done in ONE training. The heavy set (4567-78910
) is also a ONE training workout.

We mostly do w1: 1234;w2:4567;w3 4567-78910.
or if you like a heavy week you can do this:
Mo: 1234 thue rest wed: 4567 th: rest fri: tempo(rest) sat 4567-78910.

rest= relaxed tempo/recovery training or rest.
This kind of hard week you wont do before a competition!! :slight_smile: you’d be dead

Thanks pinda, really appreciate the input. any other help you can offer would be great.

Lets bump this topic up…

fellas… for a 400ih runner running indoor track what should the training focus be? should they be running 500’s in meet to get ready for the 400ih outdoors? also how about training? train like a middle distance runner with runs at around 85% with little rest or train with max elocity work since the 400ih is basically a 400 with hurdles in the way? im confused on this issue.
what would a typical week look like during the indoor season and then outdoor season for an athlete that is getting ready for the 400 hurdles?

thanx in advance.

Good Question Quick, but very difficult to give a short answer. Not to use my normal “Depends on the athlete” statement, but the focus on training does indeed depend on the athlete’s training background and make-up. Why spend indoors racing above distance if the hurdler is on the speed side of the spectrum. Although the 400H event is closely related to the 800m in NRG system response, I still think speed reserve is a key ingredient.

i agree with dlive11 in that it does depend on the runner and the backgroud that runner has in the sport. There is no way you would train Felix Sanchez and Joey Woody the same way. Sanchez is a speed runner, while Woody runs from strength.

But i guess the question is this. In a division 3 system, where the 500 is an event that is often competed in, should a potential 400IH run more open 400s during the indoor season, or should he/she concentrate on the 500 to work on the strength aspect of the IH?

Also, what would this runner benefit more from? A program that focuses on middle distance work, like intervals up to 600, a program based in sprinting, using max velocity and special endurance runs, or a combination of the two programs, incorporating elements of max velocity speed and speed endurance out to distances of 600 meters???

Thanks in advance for the input.


It seems like you answered your own question. I think the program to be used would totally depend on the runners background. As you said, there is no way you could incorporate the same program with Sanchez and Woody.

I think we’re missing the real question here. Its not which kind of program to use. The question is what does that program look like for each style (short or long). I’m looking for ideas on what would be done throughout the indoor season training wise as well as racing for each system.

I hope I am understanding exactly what you are asking, and if I am then again, it depends on the athletes biomechanical makeup.

I feel like you do understand what i’m trying to ask, and i’m sorry for any confusion that I might be causing. What i’m asking for really, is a sample of a program designed for a 400 hurdler during the indoor season. Anything you could provide would be appreciated.