400/800 Program

I am going to be a junior in high school and am currently running cross country (approx. 30MPW). After the CC season ends in early November, I would like to concentrate on running the 400/800m (800m being new primary focus) (last two track season ran 100m-12.3 and 200m-25.2). Track season starts in March and I might run in some indoor meets in January. What kind of weight lifting program and running program should I be doing??? I dont have much guidence for off-season training for track I am pretty confused of what I should be doing, I’d like to plan it out early, I am focused on becoming more competitive in terms of my high school running.

Thank You


Do a search. There is plenty of information, if after you read it and are still confused or have questions ask away.

would buying training for speed, help me clarify things? After looking on the board for a while everything is a little too technical, im still confused on a weight lifting program.

It will - maybe not straight away, but it will

Look at other books - I use Peter Coe and David Martin as starting points, and obviously Charlies knowledge.

Work the strengths of the athlete. Speed Reserve is key.

With weights a general programme is important.

Just some thoughts, hopefully others join in

This becomes tricky when you start wanting to implement things yourself without getting with your current coach. Have you discussed your goals and how you should attain them with the coach? It may help in the long run so you can put the pieces of the puzzle together faster and easier. You can as DMA stated use Coe & Martin’s “Better Training” book as well as the wealth of information from Charlie on this site to reference while planning it out.
What are your CC times? Is this your long term focus? What do you see your strengths being? How long have you been running and if possible, provide examples of weeks.