4 weeks GPP / 10 weeks SPP --> critics welcome !!!


here you can see my plan, designed for 100,200,400m.

Weights are done after the sprint sessions.
Normally 3-4x8 reps.

Just in the max. weight phases and in the taper(and of course the following comp-phase) the weight go down to 3-5 reps.

What do you think about it?

I can not view that properly for some reason, it is all bunched up for me

Could you please email it to me


Hi, I managed to save it to my hard drive and printed it off on landscape to capture it all. It looks fair enough, but very low on volume. If you don’t mind me asking what standard are you and how many training years do you have behind you. I take it you are doing 2 days of tempo, anything else to consider or are you traing four days per week. ?

Could you put a version that’s expanded a little bit. I can see pretty well, but I’d like to down load it and look then. Thanks.

I think the speed progressions look manageable. But i’m a little unsure about the speed end. I think it starts off pretty well but SPP3,4,5 will be problem weeks because the difference in jumping from 180-400 is immense. Sure the intensity goes down but a single 400m rep is really hard when you arn’t prepared for it! Also on recovery weeks you don’t have to drop the volume of tempo so drastically. Even going from 2000-1500 will seem quite a bit easier for the athlets. Then jumping from 1000 to 2500 is a big jump. Remember always progress smoothly.

thx for your comments.

I guess the best way is to email the plan. Would be great if you could give me your email.

The reason for the low volume is that i m always getting trouble when increasing it.

i m 20 and training real since 2 years.

I make 1 speed/1SE / 2tempos / sometimes 1 tempo or weight session per week

How would you manage the progression in terms of SE?
the plan for the speed sessions is quite fixed for me,as i had good results with it.

For SE: Should i go for longer resisted runs in the GPP to provide the fitness for the SE-runs in the SPP?

I think its quite hard to plan combining 100,200,400.
Last summer i trained only up to 200m in SE with 1or2 400s and made only 4-5 SE-sessions the whole summer and ran 53".
So i wanted to go for SE this summer i make good progression also in the 400.I thought runnig 400s in training is a nice idea, but as you said, its a big step from 120m to 400 in 3,4 weeks…

Maintaining the tempos in the rec week is maybe a good idea-i was just worried about my body-volume-resistence…

But most important: How to manage the SE-progression…

An option could be split runs, as in 120 + 80 m, 150 + 100 m, etc.

i thought about it.
Its already an option in the plan, especially in the 400m-sector.
I will decide it in terms of comditioning when i can see, if i m ready to run adequate 400m-times…