3000m tempo experiences?

Just wondering was anyone here doing 3000m tempo sessions. How have they impacted on resulting sessions?

I usually restrict my tempo sessions to ~2500m but have done 10 x 300m tempo sessions. I found them quite tiring towards the end (even while keeping well within the 75% bracket) BUT felt fine the next day for track sessions.

Anyone else found this?

I have my athletes (University athletes) do 2000-3000 at 50% on Tuesday’s and 4000m-6000m at 50% on Thursday and they are very fresh , and I have been lettingthem decide how to break it up, from a list I provide.

Injury rate is much lower this year also. Very happy - knock on wood.

thats a real high volume. can you give us a few examples and what the rest is like?


I provide options with anything from 100’s up to 400’s they have a list of 30 different breakdowns

example - these are done on a football or soccer field the + turn around 10 - 15 secs rest and after each row the athlete has a core exercise to do

hope this helps