30-week planning

Charlie said in his Forum Review the following;

[b] Q: I understand that with your training you develop accleration first than maximum speed, and then speed endurance. I was wondering how many specific actual phases or meso-cycles do you have over the complete program and how long is each phase. From what I’ve read I’ve been able to pick up that phase one is the acceleration period and phase three is the maximum speed period.

A: It depends on the time available, working backwards from the date when top performance is required. I use triple periodization for a whole year plan but, I suppose, the real question is what is the shortest time frame before you switch to a double period? I think it depends, to a large extent, on the type of athlete you’re dealing with. The more explosive the training is, the shorter the training cycles can become.[/b]

I have been trying to put a new season plan together. My question here is pretty much the same as the above Q. I have 30 - weeks [Period 1] spread in 3 periods - GPP [ build up and cross- sectional phase] 12 weeks, Pre-comp. 10 [acceleration and max. endurance] weeks and Comp - 8 weeks [max. speed] with 10-day tapper before the major comp [early Dec. 2005]. I decided to do 3 weeks medium to hard and 1 week easy trainings. 3 days per week. Approx. 2h each session. Double periodization is required. Peaking December 2005 [period 1 - 30 weeks] and March 2006. [period 2] Commencing the training in May 2005.

What do you think of the plan and when would be the most optimal time to work on acceleration period as this is the phase that needs extra attention? Thanks.