3 rounds in one day, two days in a row

Any advice? Seems like a very complicated schedule, is it remotely possible to run that amount of races in such a short span and perform well? Of course first I’ll have to make it through all those rounds :smiley: which I think I will. I’m not sure where to start to plan my days. Should I focus on learning self-massage during this next month? What else can I do to help recovery? Is a contrast shower for example between the semis and final a proper recovery technique? (Both days the heats and semis are in the morning an hour and a half apart, and the final is in the afternoon almost 5 hours after the semis; 100m. will be on day 1 and 200m. on day 2). What about supplementation, BCAA’s/protein right after the semis? How about in terms of training, does one do anything special to prepare for multiple rounds (ie if time permits some days break up speed sessions into multiple sessions in one day?).

i have same question