3 Point starts

what are the point of 3 point starts? How do they help and how much?

You get an aggressive drive-phase, but save energy compared to a block-start. Atleast that’s how it feels to me.

Starts are a progression - standing, 3 point and block starts. 3 points are great as they let you mimic the movements from blocks but don’t require blocks and the time to get into them. I find that the larger arm action capable with 3 points has really improved my block starts and first 20m. We also do some time trials from a 3 point/rolling start timed from the first movement.

Speedster, what are rolling starts?
Thanx to everyone on this board who share their information and knowledge on this board. I have so far learnt about,

  • falling starts

  • starts from a push up position

  • medicine ball starts

and now

  • rolling starts

as well as standing starts, hill starts and flying starts.

My question now is when and how should I place them in my training program. My starts are a real weak point of my race. What I tend to do is 5 falling starts to 30m with a walk back recovery and then have a 10mins rest and then perform 5 starts to 30m from a push up position. Is this ok or shall I periodise each different method?

any1??? Charlie??