3 point starts v block starts


What do you see as the value of 3 point starts as against block starts.

I cant see any advantage apart from the convenience of not having to set up the blocks for start practice , also I feel that 3 point does not seem very balanced for high intensity starting but there may be other issues here that are not obvious.

You can use a sled.


You have missed the point of my post, I was trying to ascertain if there was any technical or intensity aspects to 3 point starting that might enhance start and accelleration performance as opposed to 4 point block starts.

The use of a sled for 10% overload is another issue.

I think that DC meant that you can use a sled from a 3 point start, and not a block start because the sled would slam into the blocks.

A 3pt stance is never going to have the same intensity as a block start though using a sled can help.
Why not just use a 4 point stance if you feel a lack of balance with 3pt stance?