3 days work 1 day rest

This is cind of a follow up topic from the discussion about MJ´s seassions and CNS-stress many days a row.

I talked to 45.4 guy in the 400 about his way of training.
And for the last two years he is doing 3 days hard work and 1 rest, then 3 days hard work, 1 rest…

All year looked almost the same except the volym, rest and so on…

day 1: speed

day 2: “sprint-endurence” (shorter SE)

day 3: speed-endurence

day 4: rest

And so on… :mrt:

He said it was very taxing, but when the rest day came it was a relife…

What strikes me is that this runner dosen`t take 48h recoverys from high-intensive work…but still his number are 45,4… Comments?

is he running for a university or independent?

im not a pro but if he’s running a 45. something must be working!!!

Sounds like Dan Pfaff’s 3-day rollover, used by a lot of top guys. Maybe some people on here can comment in detail…

It must be difficult to use that four day cycle unless you are pro I think. It is less practical to fit in with everyday life.