3-1-3 scheme help.

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Sorry that this is not entirely a sprint related question but could anyone help me please? My goals are to increase my max strength (and a bit of hypertrophy) primarily in bodyweight exercises such as pullup variations; but effectively, for discussion purposes it is no different to weights…progress is made in the same way…increased weights added, ncrease number of reps etc.

Anyway, I want to try to progress almost year round and so this is my current plan:

Rotate intensification phases (high intensity lower volume) with accumulation phases (lower intensity higher volume) every 3-4 weeks.
I try to increase intensity or volume in some way for the 3weeks leading up to the 4th week (unload week).
I unload volume (cut in half whilst keeping intensity the same) every 4th week.

Does this sound reasonable? Does it follow Charlie’s guidelines for the 3-1-3 scheme?

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Sorry if the post isn’t great…please let me know.


Sounds good to me. Like the old time lifters would say…bust your ass, eat a lot of good food, and sleep. You will get stronger just as long as you allow for rest & deload periods like you said.

Sorry to hijack :slight_smile: But speaking of old school have you ever done the super squats program? (the old squats and milk program)

I think I have the book but never tried it. What’s the story…take a weight you can do 10 reps with and do 20? I don’t think that would mix very well with sprint training :slight_smile:


One of the classic methods of “squats+milk” is
5X5. This is 5 sets of 5. It’s supposed to be very good for developing both strength and hypertrophy.

I have to say though…I don’t agree with a great consumption of milk both for health and performance reasons.

PS: Just to confirm, at the beginning of a 3-1-3 cycle where intensity is increased for three weeks, does the intensity have to start off as fairly easy or is it ok to start off hard and add small amounts of weight?


I wouldn’t start off any lower than 75%.


Thanks for the info. So basically don’t start off below typical max strength loading parameters. Sounds good.


My statement may have been unclear. I would recommend starting at 75%…don’t want you to take my statement and think to start week 1 at 80%-85%…

I actually got the book from iron mind.com and the way it works is that you start out 1x20 3times/week and after either a 6 or 12 week cycle you jump on the 5x5. It’s pretty brutal and very HITish but it does work for it’s intended purpose. The 1x20 is in a nutshell: you pick a wieght that you can do 10 reps and struggle to 20. but every work out you add 5lbs. I did it when i was not running track years ago and I got upto 315 for 20reps and made some nice gains in strength and size.

I would not do that routine while training for sprints… You’d be asking for trouble.

As for the 3-1-3 you can start at a managable wieght and increase every week for 3 weeks then back off. On the next week up cycle start higher than the first 3 weeks going up by 5% every week…

I think I got upto 425 @ 165lbs doing this.

It was something like

wk 1 65%
wk 2 70%
wk 3 75%
wk 4 50%
wk 5 70%
wk 6 75%
wk 7 80%

When i took my USAW Club Coach certification years ago that was how they showed us how to train beginners.

But to be honest with track and lifting its trickier… You have to be careful not to burn out the track work by going nuts with the lifting. Theres alot more variables when incorporating lifting into sprinting. Just remember spriting is number 1 everything else is a supplement…

LOL you’re such a mofo!!!

BTW You racing indoors?