2nd Year College Short Sprinter Journal



-team program should start anytime now. I’ll just do some mechanical work and some close to max lifts followed by beach work in the meanwhile. everything low-volume, just hitting some stuff that won’t be priopritized for the next couple months so itd be nice to have a handle on them
-i also notcied that on my 2nd step my left leg is still not getting to the point it should as at toe off from my right leg, my left knee will not be ready to come immediately down, i’ll have al ittle lag time and at ground contact, there is “daylight” between my legs. plus my hip motion doesn’t look fluid


a bunch of starts

-just some tech work. I took a bunch of video
-stuff is really starting to shape up. I really made sure that I was running fluid as opposed to stiff and a lot of stuff fell into place. I ddin’t feel like I was trying as hard, but considering some glute soreness the next day and some leg triedness during, I think I was running fast. my knees approached the midline better, I had some good hip rotation and my knee height was pretty good. my heel recovery was still higher than I would like on my 2nd step, but at least it isn’t overly high now. also, my left arm straightens all the way out on the backswing and passes my hip still pretty straight while swinging forward; I’m thinking the two could be connected. I wouldn’t worry about the heel recovery except for the fact that on my first step its very low (toe scrapes ground) then on the next stride it clearly jumps up a ton. drive phase was extended and even top speed felt much better. I’ve really just been having some bad body positions and this was casuing me to tighten up


some more starts

-push ups
-pull ups
-crunch w/ twist
reps with resistance band:
-biceps curls
-side shoulder raise
-shoulder press
some calf raises on stair

-had a bit of a step back when trying to pick up the stride rate a bit. i will do some more starts on thursday and i think that will be all i need to have my mechanics be where i want them
-was too late by the time i was done running to get to the gym so i just did a bit of a pump up at home. i will make sure to get into the weightroom by friday (and hopefully tomorrow if all goes well with the starts!)



-still icing, contrasting and taking ibuprofen daily for left heel/ankle. the pain is only noticible if I actively heel strike now, or stretch my ankle. swelling has mostly subsided, but regardless, i don’t think i’m planning on doing long jump at the baystate finals


mechanics work
easy “beach lifts” circuit (push-ups, pull-ups, abs, upper amr db work, etc)

-weightroom will be the focus tomorrow. team program should be out soon…
-mechanics finally getting hammered down. exit pretty horizontal, then naturally rise until ~30m then work at getting into a good upright posture. heel recovery is still pretty high, but i guess thats just how my legs work. i hit triple ext and knees are getting up, so maybe hip flexor weakness or something forces me to shorten the lever otherwise i can’t get the foot through in time
-main flaws that would occur is I would never get totally upright for top speed or I would try to stay too low in accel so I began to overstride, or I would tense up. I also will exit my starting stance too high every onece in a while. blocks would defnitely helped this and its mostly a problem from a 2 pt stance as i always exit at my shin’s original angle, but in a two point that front foot has to be much flatter. I wouldn’t worry about this, except that we do a 30m standing test in the fall
-looking closer, i do have some natural side-to-side motion while starting, but its diguised a bit by the fact that i am extremely bowlegged


some starts on grass
clean, up to 225
bench, up to 205
squat, up to 350
human flag, up to a few seconds hold (each side)

-working on loosening up the hips on the first couple steps so I don’t pop up
-wanted to get under some heavy weights in the weightrom, since once the season his I don’t have much of an opportunity to get under heavy weights too often, esp while fairly fresh. didn’t push any weights to a max, just a weight that I could get up comfortably with as good mechanics as possible. I was pretty shocked that my squat was up at getting 350 up no problem. because I’ve been so awful with getting reps up in all the lifts, I was happy to see high maxes, esp because that means I’ve been developing fast twitch! The numbers I like to maintain are 1.5xbw for bench, 1.7xbw for clean and 2.5xbw for squat, and seeing where my strength is at now, I think those numbers are totally attainable to have going into winter track this year (i’m sure I’ll hit the clean and squat, not sure about the bench because we don’t bench too much up at school, at 150lbs, I’d need to hit 225 bench, 255 clean and 375 squat, which I think all will happen)


full warm-up
practrcie starts
hypertropy circuit (hit most each lifts 2x8 (full body) and did any injury prevention lifts for a set of 10, plus a little jump rope and medball throws to start off the workout)

-running mechanics are all set. even my 2 pt start is looking better now (I just have to try ad run out of the stance moreso than jump or pop out of it). feeling faster than I ever have! exit a bit high sometimes still, blocks will help this and just not being lazy at the start (obviously triple ext/“popping” out of the start is easier the more upright you get), otherwise my leg hits the groun with not enough flexion to get a good push on my seocnd step
-wanting to do a hypertrophy day because my track program from school starts tomorrow and not too much beach work is included


~1 mi jog
microstretching circuit

-gonna start doing the team workouts tomorrow. took today just to recover well. jogged to loosen up, epsom salted and iced the ankle/heel, stretched, and did a little contrasting in the shower
-haven’t done the microstretch circuit in a while, but pulled it out for today as it seemed fit
-minor chest doms, and inner part of my right thigh is feeling some soreness


full warm-up
3xst. john’s hill sprints
3xcircuit 1a
mon Lift

-friend at the gym pointed out that on lifts from the ground my knee flexion is very minimal. i will work on squatting down a bit more to activate the lift, I think this will help my pull on heavier weights as itd be a bit more similar to a vertical jump motion. also, the barbell neverr contacts my thighs on the way up, and I think I rush the deadlift portion (I am poor at exercises from the hang position, so maybe my poor pulling form is why). this could explain why once the weight gets heavy, I often will end up not getting under the weight, too much lean forward instead of pulling straight up
-the hills were hard. I’m suppose to run em twice a week so i’m sure I’ll see some big improvements before getting back to school
-suppose to hold breath through 40m power outs in warm-up. this felt pretty uncomfrotable for me


full warm-up
~1 mi run
tues lift

-hammy doms and a bit of quad soreness
-holding my breath for the power outs still feels funny, i think it might be causing me to tense up because I don’t feel like my legs are moving as fast as they were, and my rom is not any better. I think i may be trying to take in too big a breath before the run, we’ll see if a more naturally sized breath works (run is only for some seconds, so not like I need any more oxygen)



-side of lower right leg a bit sore for some reason


full warm-up
3xcircuit 1b
thurs weight room (only 2 sets each)
5xhillando hill sprints

-holding my breath felt crappy during the power outs because I was having some upper body curvature. I strauightened stuff out and it felt much better and hip rotation became more natural. technique is feeling better and better!
-meet on saturday. running the 400m for fun at the baystate games. ran 55 at the qualifiers, and i believe that i am in a bit of better shape and that I definitely have had some technique improvements so i’ll look to see a time drop, hopefully! goals for the race are to not give up on the last 100, good relaxation and good posture
-have been taking ibuprofen in the morning and doing 15’ warm epsom salt soak, 15’ ice on my left ankle/heel since I stopped marking it in my workout


pre-meet (functional warm-up, stretch & self-massage)


full warm-up
a couple blast outs
400m -> 56.25
15’ ice l. ankle


-pretty disappointing time (it got slower?) but nonethless, not like it was unexpected as I’ve rarely run longer races, and my shape as far as endurance goes is horrendous as I can see from my hill runs. cardio isn’t the issue, just muscularlly my legs lose it
-felt great coming down the back straight then really hit a wall at about 250, and really crawled for the last 100m


stretch & self-massage

-right pec actually pretty sore from bowling night before


full warm-up
2xstanding starts
8xhill runs (~100-150m, walk back rest)
3xcircuit #2

7/16 lift
stretch & self-massage

15’ ice l. ankle

-acceleration and top speed are feeling more and more comfortable. my goal is to be very set with my technique going into the season since I think my switching around of cueing/mechanics so often has hampered my improvements the last couple years
-cueing right now is “flick the wrist” and “pop” to exit my stance, then “running away” as if somethings going to catch me, but making sure that my body is fully extended or as tall as possible while at top speed
-ability to lift for reps is still pretty horrendous, and going deep on the squats also really lightens up the weight I can put up (though I definitely hit parallel while normally squatting, the higher bar position and hammys to calves of the full squat knock down my the weight I use 50-100 lbs)
-some wheezing was occurrign near the end of my hill runs, I think I will be taking my inhaler before these runs as I assume some sort of allergies are makiong my asthma work up a bit


stretch and self-massage

-some gluteal soreness


some basketball
25’ jog
full warm-up
1’ jump rope
3’ stationary bike
7/17 lift

15’ ice l. ankle


full warm-up
9xhill runs (to technique deterioration)
3 pt starts and a fly
stretch & self-massage

15’ ice l. ankle


full warm-up
7/19 lift
30’ jog

15’ ice l.ankle

full warm-up
some starts
3xsteep hill start
3xstair run (concentrate on “driving”)
3x110 yd build up on grass
7/20 lift



-significant hammy doms. almost surely a result of the romanian deadlifts (I haven’t done those since last fall). It’s funny, because I didn’t even break 90 lbs and it made me massively sore. many kids on my team are throwing on well over 200 lbs and say they don’t get sore from it at all, I can’t tell if their hammy strength is just that much greater than mine, or if they are doing like what I was doing early in my lifting days (not getting a big enough stretch of the hammys while lowering the weight, so I was throwing on like 250 lbs)
-took some video and I would like to see my arm swing approach the midline a bit more at my start


full warm-up
2xcircuit #3

7/23 lift
5’ jump rope
15’ erg

ice l.heel 15’

-arm swing approached midline much better. I’d still like to see my 2nd step be more of a push (as the higher heel recovery looks to be resulting from applying force less parallel to my body), but I really wanted to cue on arm swing and the wrist flick, and in a day I think it would be unwise to fix more than one thing or concentrate on more than 2. in my warm up power outs for the rest of this week I’ll take tape and try to “push” on that second step better, though once I get in starting blocks, I believe the lower exit angle might just make the issue disappear on its own (body angle is at or slightly above 45* at toe off of this step, so if I am attempting to apply force mostly straight back, then when my body is at a lower angle, the force will be applied closer to parallel to my body)
-did some of the starts out to 30-40m and I realize I was trying too hard to stay down and was overstriding during that section of the race that is always so weak for me (15-30m), when I let myself come up more naturally I really could be “floating” by 30m and never felt tense or locked up
-upper glute doms next morning. I’m thinking as a result of “speed skates” that are in the circuit. hammys were still a bit sore by workout time


full warm-up

15’ stationary bike
7/24 lift

5xhill run (old farm cir. hill, ~100 yards)
stretch & self-massage

ice l. heel

-major upper glute soreness
-heel recovery was lower, drive phase extended a bit and hip rotation more natural in the starts. in the first couple steps I think my problems may have been caused by pushing out the back too hard and forcing the knees up/driving arms too hard (ironically)
-0-10m - scramble, 10-20m - drive, 20-30m - transition, 30-40m - start to float/upright accel, 40m+ - float and relax



-still some gluteal soreness
-watched some video of myself and of more skilled sprinters and I think I actually should be seeing my knee get closer to my midline. my knees will tend to flail outwards, which im sure reduces power output, and makes me look stiff if I end up side stepping at all