2010 Indoor Track Program

Dec 31

warm up
agility ladder drills :frowning:
tempo session (150m@ 75% and jogging in between)

4x12 push ups
2x12 swiss ball jacknives
3x30,30,60 sec prone cobra
2x6 overhead pvc squat
static stretching

-i know, i know, ladder drills are stupid, i was forced to do them by my coach who is a fan of them
-i lost count of the 150m runs, i didn’t do too much volume, and we were suppose to do them at race pace, but since i raced yesterday that would’ve been unrealistic
-i meant to stretch after yesterdays workout but forgot
-felt some popping in the back of my left shoulder, no pain, coach says may be because of dehydration

on saturday i have limited running space (40m max) so im planning on doing some plyos. i have never done them before, any suggestions?

Jan 2

warm up
4x25m from three-point stance
2x1 build ups to top speed
2x20m sled runs
2x5 hurdle hops
1x5 one-legged hurdle hops (each leg)
2x3 depth jumps
2x1 one-legged depth jumps (each leg)

1x5 bench press@ 155lbs
(local gym)

-3-4 min rest was used between runs and plyos
-this was my first time doing plyos (man, my legs are exhausted), i would’ve done more top speed work instead if i had more room to run
-nailed my knuckles while jumping a hurdle, a little swollen but should be fine with some icing
-i had a whole weight lifting session made up, but dinner was ready earlier than i expected :confused: guess i’ll have to wait til monday to lift again

Umm thats not all that bad. I mean thats pretty much NAIA national qual. mark, NJCAA too, probably DIII, and maybe DII. It also seems that he’s talkin bout high school level, so needing to run 6.7 to make state seems to be a pretty stiff compitition, so go figure. Also it seems the divisional-state thing seems to be like a regional meet, as they are called in other U.S. states.

We are talking about 55m not 60m…

Besides the fact it would only provo qualify @ those levels and prob not make it in the 60m, we are talking about the 55m as Football28 said. 6.7 55m wouldn’t have gotten to the conference meet to qualify where I was and we were definitely not a bastion of sprint greatness by any means.

Last time to make it into DIII every year in the 55m is sub-6.4…

yes, i’m in high school, and the 55m runners from my area generally run dIII in college (with the top guys usually running 6.7x to 6.9x). according to brown university’s sprinting coach, all his 55m guys run 6.5x-6.6x 55m’s so all i know is that people running that type of time can consider themselves pretty good. my 6.92 55m is my school’s FAT record, and the hand timed record is 6.6h 55m, so as you can see my school doesnt seem to have that strong of a sprinting program, so i came to this website!

and divisional states serves the same purpose as regional competitions just its divided by, instead of by region, school size (d1 schools are large, d2’s to d4’s are smaller and smaller)

Jan 4

warm up
agility ladder drills :frowning:

A. Bench 4x6,5,4,3@155 lbs
A. Cable Rows 3x8,6,6@140 lbs
B. DB Shrugs 3x8,6,4@70 lbs
B. 45* Shoulder Raises 3x10,8,6@20 lbs
B. Lat Pull Downs (wide-grip) 3x8,6,5@130 lbs
C. Bicep curl 3x9,8,6@25 lbs
C. Tricep cable extensions 3x15,8,7@90 lbs then 110 lbs
C. Bentover Raise 3x10,8,6@15 lbs
D. Power Cleans 3x2@155 lbs
D. Band Knee Pull throughs 3x6,6,5 (skinny black band)
D. Ankle dorsi-flexion 3x6@45 lbs
E. Swiss ball jacknives 2x12 (big green ball)
E. prone cobra 2x60 sec
E. pvc overhead squat 2x6 (big pvc pipe)
E. natural glute ham raise 1x1
E. single leg curls 2x4@ 75 lbs then 90 lbs
(school’s weight room)

30 min hitting lesson (baseball)

-3 min rest was used between supersets and between doing the same exercise
-i HATE ladder drills, but my coach loves them, it was actually the entirety of our workout today to do the ladder drills, but my hip “popping” issue got me out of them and i ran the 150+m’s on my own
-i felt heavy on my feet during the 150+m’s (i ran lane 4 on a 150m track), probably from the ladder drills done before
-reps might not be accurate, but they’re close enough, for all upper body exercises i just loaded ~80% of my max and did AMRAP
-i wanted to do 2x4 of natural glute ham raises, but got a massive calf cramp during my first one, so i finished up on the leg curl machine
-my strength has really gone down as of late, so i did really high volume on the weights
-every monday i now have a hitting lesson from baseball

I read through your journal and I have a couple of questions.

Is the order that you have the lifts, etc listed the order that you follow?
Did you do any work prior to this journal?
Are these workouts that you have written or that your coach has written for you?

i joined 1234asdf’s training from the beginning of september til after thanksgiving (his training log is here -> http://www.charliefrancis.com/community/showthread.php?t=20871). i list my workouts n the same order i did them and 1234asdf wrote the fall running workouts, but i just tested around with a couple different weight lifting methods/plans during the fall. any suggestions you have i would appreciate because i’ve followed ur training log (whats up so far) and youve put up pretty impressive times and have had good progresion


(pre-meet day)
warm up
2x30m blocks
1x25m three-point stance

-a little sore from yesterday :confused: guess that’s expected with the volume i did
-felt powerful out of the blocks, but stride rate felt somewhat slow
-i was planning 3x30m blocks but got kicked off the indoor track by basketball, so i did my last one across a side court
-hand-timed meet on rubber track tomorrow, running 55m (goal->6.6h,6.7h) and 4x200m (goal->split in 24’s)


warm up
1x25m w/ overspeed band
1x25m three point stance
1x15m blast out
1x55m (6.7h)
cool down time
warm up
1x200m (4x200m, split 25.5 :()
(all run on rubber track w/ flats)

-the hand time seemed slow, my dad also timed it and got 6.6h plus i think my time was adjusted because another kid who ran “6.7h” beat me
-stride rate felt slow again at top speed, may have been overstriding during 55m
-fell behind from 25m-45m, rest of race felt strong
-felt exhausted while warming up for the 4x2, translated to bad time


light warm up
static stretching

2x10 push ups (pause at bottom, explode up)
1x10 BW squats
1x10 BW front lunges
2x30 sec side plank (1L, 1R)
1x10 sit ups
2x10 one-hand snatches@45 lbs
1x30 sec mountain climbers

-legs felt real sore, was planning to lift but nixed it, will lift sat
-i would’ve stretched last night, but i got home to late and had to go to bed :confused:
-did what coach calls “sprinter mile” today, between each running rep is one of the strength exercises i lifted above
-found out today that the splits my coach recorded add up to .6 higher than the 4x200 relays actual time, i’m hoping he timed my leg through a second finish line that is beyond the 4x2 finish, which subtracting this .6 would put me at the 24.9 split i was hoping for


(pre meet day)
warm up
1x30m three point stance
2x25m block starts
light static stretching

goals for tommorrow, 55m -> 6.6h, 4x200m split, 24’s

-hammy felt tight so i did some stretching
-track im running on tomorrow is faster than the one i ran on wed, but still rubber
-all starts were very relaxed


warm up
55m dash (6.7h :/)
4x220 yd (split -> 25.5 :()

5x2 power cleans@ 160 lbs (tried one at 185 lbs but failed :/)
5x4,3,3,2,2 squats@ 245 lbs
3x5 leg curls@ 60 lbs
5x10,5,4,3,4 bench press@ 150 lbs, then 155 lbs
3x8,6,4 cable rows@ 110 lbs, then 120 lbs then 160 lbs
3x8,6,4 lat pull downs@ 110 lbs
(friend’s weights)

-reaction time felt slow and won the 55m by .3, if someone was pushing me i bet i would’ve run 6.6h
-was also way ahead in the 4x220 yd, was able to run very relaxed but didnt have anything pushing me to go faster
-will do 200 reps abs and static stretching tomorrow, too exhausted to do anything more today
-found out that when i set a rep goal im able to lift much better, no more AMRAP’s for me (i was very surprised i made ten reps at 150 lbs, didnt know i could do that considering i only did like 5 at 160 lbs doing AMRAP)


weigh in (138 lbs)
200 reps abs/core
static stretching

-the most sore muscle is my traps today, go figure
-i weigh in every sunday morning right after i wake up, by the end of the day i usually gain 5-7 lbs from food, water weight, etc.
-at my high (end of fall) i was weighing in 144 lbs, not sure whether that weight lost is muscle or fat or both…


light warm up
150m walk, 150m@ 75%
150m walk, 75m@ 75%
75m walk, 150m@70%
150m walk, 75m@70%
75m walk, 150m@ 70%

30 min baseball hitting session

-all runs were on pavement up a hill
-legs and forearms wicked exhausted from hitting session, weight session tomorrow might have to be lighter than i planned…
-i emailed the coach at a college i am interested in attending and he said that he has two freshmen that have run 6.94 and 6.97 in the 60m; anyone know what type of time i should be aiming to run in the 55m by hs graduation if i’d want to run there?


warm up
2x30m two point stance
1x55m easy-fast-easy (fast for 20m or so)
2x40m blocks
1x~110m@85% effort

A. Power clean 5x2 (160,160,175,175,180 lbs)
A. Bench Press 5x6,5,5,4,3@ 160 lbs
B. Lat Pull Downs (wide grip) 3x6,4,3@ 140 lbs
B. Squat 5x5,5,3,3,2@ 255 lbs
B. DB Bicep Curls 3x10,8,6 (25,30,30 lbs)
C. DB Shoulder Press 3x10,8,6@ 35 lbs
C. Band Pull Throughs 2x10,8 (thick black band)
(school weight room)

-all runs were run at max effort while staying relaxed
-I would’ve done one more set of band pull throughs but I forgot :confused:
-my bench press hasnt suffered as much as i thought it had, doing 6 at 160 lbs is about my best!


easy warm up
ladder drills :frowning:
wall runs 2x30sec :confused:

300 reps abs
1x6 Band pull throughs (thick black band)

icing and stretching hip

-my hip was popping during the ladder drills and wall runs, so once i felt swelling my coach told me not to do them anymore. This hip thing is almost a good thing because I feel no pain (or popping for that matter) from it while running, but it exempts me from most ladder drills and wall runs
-normally i would’ve taken the day off today, but my hs team meets every weekday and we had weightroom today, so i just pretty much did what i didnt do yesterday but wanted to do because i had to do something