2010 Baseball Season

mar 26

scrimmage (1 SB)
2 min erg warm up
A. High Pulls 5x7,5,3,3,3@165,175,195
A. DB Incline Press 5x10,8,6,6,6@40,45,50
A. High Cable Rows 5x10,8,6,6,6@120,125,130
B. Squats 5x7,5,5,3,3@225,235,240,240,245
B. Side Cable Pull Downs 3x10,8,8@60,70,~70
B. Bicep Curls 3x10,8,8@30,35
C. 220 reps core
(school’s gym)

static stretching

-squats felt REAL heavy today, yuck, maybe its bc it was like 35* outside while playing baseball so any of the sprinting probs hit my legs hard

mar 27

rotator cuff lifts
baseball practice
3 mi jog (26:56)
Plyos (50 contacts)
6 min abs
20 stomach vacuums

-i have been able to run that 3 mi trail in under 20 min but theres no reason to push my distant running for sprinting or baseball, yuh no?
-somehow the rotator cuff on my left arm is sore though i throw righty, ill ice it, doesnt hurt when i throw or swing or sprint so ill just need to be careful

mar 28

A. Depletion Push Ups (45,16,9)
A. Depletion Neutral-Grip Pull Ups (14,9,6)
B. Med Ball Throws 3x100
static stretching

-very muddy conditions, running the bases was difficult and made my lower back tighten up so i did fewer med ball throws than i planned

mar 29

4 min erg warm up
stretch checks
3 two point runs (50%,75%,95% effort)
A. 3xFEF over 55m (from jump position)
A. 3xEFE over 55m (rest between runs til heart rate not spiked)
B. Med Ball Throws 2x100
C. 6 min abs
D. Cleans 5x6,4,2,2,2@165,175,185,185,190
D. DB Flys 3x10,8,8@25,30
D. Bentover Raise 3x12,10,10@15,20
E. RDL 5x10,8,6,6,6@120,130,140
E. Lat Pull Down (Wide Grip) 5x8,6,4,4,4@120,130,140
E. Overhead Tricep Ext. 3x10,8,8@45,50
(school’s gym)

-got the day off from baseball so i decided to fit in a mini speed session… runs towards the beginning, esp. my final two point run, felt really good but by the end i felt much slower
-my power clean weights are up again, soon i should be putting up the 200 i could do in the fall, esp since the second rep at 190 actually went up fairly easily, now only if i had my bench and squat strength back…
-normally i would do abs after lifting but the wegihtroom wasnt yet available so i didnt want to just sit around and waste time

mar 30

2 min erg warm up
500 reps core

baseball practice

mar 31

4 min erg warm up
stretch checks
runs from jump position (50,75,95% effort)
various plyos (50 contacts)

baseball practice
2 min erg warm up
a. high pulls 5x8,6,4,4,4@185,195,205
a. incline db bench 5x10,8,6,6,6@50,55,60,55,55
a. high cable rows 5x10,8,6,6,6@120,130,140
b. squat 5x8,6,4,4,4@225,235,245
b. side cable straight arm pull downs 3x10,8,8@60
b. db biceps curls 3x10,8,8@30
c. 6 min abs
d. 30 stomach vacuums variations
(schools gym)

-205 was a bit heavy by the last set of high pulls
-i like to increase weight when i decrease reps but i didnt have it in me today, dont wanna push myself too hard
-in my 95% effort run i concentrated on really using my arms to control my running motion and it felt good, hard to tell if i was running any faster from it though, ill have to wait til i run a 60 to see

april 1

morning weigh in -> 138 lbs :frowning:

baseball practice
2 min erg warm up
500 reps core

-i cant seem to put back on the weight i had in the fall… i must not be eating enough because im lifting more and running less? im gonna try to just eat a ridiculous amount constantly for the next couple week and see what happens
-i got sats score back today, which may seem kinda unrelated to sprinting, but the scores i got make going to an ivy league school a possibility so now just to get me down to 6.4 60 yd dash speed for baseball or 7.00 60m for track…

What did you get on the SAT?

i got a 2280 (730 CR, 770 Math, 780 Writing) so that puts me in the higher end of the middle 50% of people accepted at cornell and the other ivys…
too bad im better at sats than i am at running fast lol… i have to cut like .4 off my 55 time in the next couple years if i want to make sure i can at least continue track at any of em since theyre d1s :confused:

april 2

baseball game (1 sb)

2 min erg warm up
a. power clean 5x7,5,3,3,3@165,175,185
a. db flys 3x10,8,8@25,30,30
a. bentover raise 3x12,10,10@15
b. rdl 5x10,8,6,6,6@125,135,145
b. lat pull down (wide grip) 5x8,6,4,4,4@120,130,135
b. overhead triceps ext 3x10,8,8@45,50
c. 6 min abs
c. 20 stomach vacuums
(schools gym)

-in my starts im having way too much heel recovery, hopefully when i do my gpp for indoor season i can get rid of it, i try to really only cue on arm swing and its just what my legs do naturally :confused:
-im trying to eat more but being full makes me feel tired… guess ill just have to deal with it

sat april 3

a. depletion push ups (46,15,10)
a. depletion neutral grip pull ups (15,7,5)
b. rotator cuff lifts
b. forearm exercises
c. baseball pratice
d. team 3 mi jog (29:19)
e. 500 medball throws

-i went slower in the 3 mi run this time than i did last week and i feel much better, hammys still were killing me in the run tho, thanks rdl’s…
-im not sure why my pull ups are so bad, maybe it was the lat pull downs on fri that made the similar motion so hard
-i switched down from a 15 lb medball to an 8 lb medball after reading the “sit ups not mechanically relevant” thread and did more reps in a row and more explosively

sun april 4

static stretching

mon apr 5

baseball game
2 min erg warm up
a. high pulls 5x8,6,4,4,4@175,185,195
a. incline db bench 5x10,8,6,6,6@50,55,60,55
a. high cable seated rows 5x10,8,6,6,6@120,130,140
b. squat 5x8,6,4,4,4@230,240,250
b. side cable straight arm pulldowns 3x10,8,8@60,65
b. db bicep curls 3x10,8,8@30
c. 6 min abs
c. stomach vacuums 20
d. static stretching
(schools gym)

-my left shoulder felt some pain from the side pull downs so i lightened my last couple reps back down to 60
-i had to drop weight on my last set of dbib because i failed on rep number 4

  • i got to run from first to home in my game today, speed felt decent but its tough to tell when having to turn so sharply

tues apr 6

various rotator cuff and forearm exercises
curl 21 1@30
baseball practice
300 reps core

wed apr 7

baseball game (2 SB, 1 bunt for a hit)
6 min abs
30 stomach vacuums
static stretching

-im having too much heel recovery after my first two or so steps while stealing, i must be cueing my legs wrong if this keeps happening, ill try to strike my foot down more than back so maybe fuller triple extension will help my legs go in a more piston-like path
-i felt pretty slow today but the infield dirt at the field i played on was very soft and clay like so i hope it was just that

thurs apr 8

baseball practice
2 min erg warm up
a. power cleans 5x7,5,3,3,3@170,180,180,170,170
a. db flys 3x10,8,8@25
a. bentover raise 3x12,10,10@15
b. rdl 5x10,8,6,6,6@135
b. lat pull down (wide grip) 5x8,6,4,4,4@120,130
b. overhead triceps ext 3x10,8,8@45
c. 300 reps core
(schools gym)

-so i was just fooling around with my stealing start today and it turns out that i think the solution to my problem is the exact opposite of what i thought it would be. when i cued downwards i could reach triple ext and my body compensated by wheeling my leg immediately up. if i think of pushing backwards more my leg extends fuller and the heel recovery is much lower
-i didnt get a lot of sleep last night so i didnt push it too hard in the wieghtroom

fri apr 9

4 min erg warm up
stretch checks
3 build ups (60,80,90% effort)
1x60 yd (from jump position)@95% effort
depletion push ups (48,16,10)
depletion pull ups (15,7,5)
forearm exercises
rotator cuff exercises
light tossing
6 min abs
10 stomach vacuums

-i wouldve made 50+ in the push ups today except a friend stepped on my back in the middle of them making two or so reps much more difficult and ruining my rhythm, grrrr
-my 60 felt very relaxed, but my start felt kind of iffy

sat apr 10

4 min erg warm up
stretch checks
3 sled runs (~20m)@75%85%90%
a. squats 5x8,6,4,4,4@225,235,245
a. incline db bench 5x10,8,6,6,6@45,50,55
a. seated high cable row 5x10,8,6,6,6@110,115,120
b. reverse hypers 5x10,8,6,6,6@20,25,30
b. high cable side pull downs 3x10,8,8,@20
b. db bicep curls 3x10,8,8@27.5,30
b. single leg calf raise off ledge 3x12,10,10@65,70
c. 500 med ball throws
(local gym)

-i went not too hard on the weights to concentrate on form today
-i think i can increase my volume or intensity of medball throws, they felt very easy today

sun apr 11

baseball practice
team 3 mi jog (28:15)
static stretching

mon apr 12

baseball game
big 20 thru ten reps
upper body resistance band exercises
single leg bw squats
10 stomach vacuums