2010-2011 55m Training

mon june 14

5 min erg warm up
stretch checks
3 warm up runs
R: wb,3’
a. leg curls 3x10,8,8@100,110#
a. bb biceps curls 3x10,8,8@60,65
a. skull crushers 3x10,8,8@60,65
b. weighted pogo jumps 3x12,10,10@80,85
b. bentover raise 3x12,10,10@15,17.5
b. 6 min abs
c. light stretch

-after talking to a friend ive decided to spread work more specific to sprinting over the week as to have better quality weight sessions and increase work capacity

What is your theory behind doing these exercises teabag?.

just another core exercise, nothin specific to sprinting, my season doesnt start til thanksgiving so ive pretty much just been doing stuff to get stringer all aroun

they hit ur tranversus abdominus. anything wrong with them or u just think theyre a waste of time?

4 min jog
stretch checks
body kinesthetics
marching a’s 5x1min R: wb
a. clean 5x5,4,3,3,3@170,180,175
a. bench 5x8,6,4,4,4@150,160,165#
a. seated row 5x8,6,4,4,4@100,110,115#
b. squat 4x8,6,4,4@250,260,265
b. rdl 3x10,8,8@135
b. side cable pull downs 3x10,8,8@30
b. med ball throws 2x20@8
c. Light stretch

-after the first superset i started to yawn a lot for some reason. i decided to cut the workout short because lifting while my bodys trying to fall asleep seemed a bad idea
-form broke down on my sets of 3 in the cleans so i dropped weight

What makes you say that teabag?. I’m not saying your wrong. Just wondered.

ok, and i say its not really specific to sprinting because to contract that core muscle one has to do the exact stomach vacuum motion, which this type of extreme exhale isnt done while sprinting.

i have read that distance runners tend to have stronger transversus abdominuses than sprinters though. might help my breathing marginally in like a 400

4 min jog
stretch checks
100,100,100@grass tempo

2 min jump rope
2x2x5 hurdle hops
2x10 depth jumps
R:2 min

2x10 slalom jumps
2x10 broad jumps
2x10 continuous vertical jumps
R: short, 2 min
a. weighted situps 3x15,12,10@60,65,65
a. high cable twists 3x15,12,10@35,35,40
a. side bends 4x15,12,10,10@60,65,70
a. stomach vacuums hold 3x5@5 sec

Insane volume…

thurs june 17

ultimate frisbee

1 min jump rope
stretch checks
3 warm up runs
a. decline biceps curls 3x12,10,10@25,25
a. overhead tri ext 3x12,10,10@55/50,50/55
b. ledge calf raises 3x10,8,8@70,75/80#
b. side shoulder raise 3x12,10,10@17.5,20

static stretch

-hammys were ridiculously sore so ill do speed tomorrow and will count the ultimate frisbee as my intensive tempo for the week
-abs were sore too, cut abs and hammys out of todays weights

ive read a bunch of stuff about overtraining but i seem to be doing fine. i want to really increase my work capacity over the summer. obviously ill cut some once my running speed increases in fall and a bunch when i get in season and are doing full speed running

im doing higher reps on weights and no real full speed running so as far as a muscular standpoint i think im safe from injury

i dont completely understand what makes something more or less tolling on the cns though, any chance i could be overdoing that without knowing?

fri june 18

5 min erg warm up
stretch checks
3 warm up runs
sled runs:
R: wb, 5’
depletion push ups 47,16,12
depletion pull ups (neutral grip) 12,7,5
curl 21@30
light stretch

sat june 19

warm up jog
grass tempo:

1 min jump rope
stretch checks
a. high pulls 5x8,6,4,4,4@170,180,185
a. incline bench 5x10,8,6,5,6@125,135,140/135
a. seated rows 5x8,6,4,4,4@110,110/115,120/125#
b. squat 5x8,6,4,4,4@255,265,270#
b. cable side pull downs 3x12,10,10@30,35
b. 500 reps core
light stretch

-began taking zma last night, ill do this bottle and if i feel its helped me ill continue use. i do have sleeping problems, so maybe itll help that out

sun june 20


mon june 21

2 min jump
stretch checks
3 warm up runs
R: 90", 4’
a. leg curls 3x10,8,8@110,120#
a. bb biceps curls 3x10,8,8@60,65#
a. skull crushers 3x10,8,8@60,65
b. pogo jumps 3x12,10,10@80,85 (each arm)
b. bentover raise 3x12,10,10@15,17.5
b. 2 min abs (split)
light stretch

pick-up basketball

tues june 22

warm up jog
stretch checks
3 build ups

1 min erg warm up
a. clean 5x7,5,3,3,3@155,165,170
a. incline bench 5x10,8,6,6,6@125,135,140#
a. seated high row (wide grip) 5x10,8,6,6,6@100,110,115#
b. reverse hyper 3x10,8,8@45,50
b. cable side pull downs 3x10,8,8@30,35/30
c. med ball 2x100@8
static stretch

-i want reps for the side pull downs to be 12,10,10 next time
-i want reverse hyper reps to be 8,6,6

wed june 23

4 min jog
stretch checks
fast grass tempo:
plyos 100 contacts
a. situps 5x12,10,8,8,8@50,55,60/65/70
a. high cable twists 5x12,10,8,8,8 each@25,30,35/40#
a. side bends 5x12,10,8,8,8 each@55,60,65/70/75#
a. stomach vacuum holds 5x5@5sec
light stretch

The maximal speed phase.

The muscles of the mid-torso warrant a special mention. This part of the 100m sprint requires isometric strength of the mid-torso muscles. During the maximal speed phase, the muscles of the mid-torso must stabilize the pelvis and maintain the upper body in an upright position. The twisting action experienced by the mid-section requires explosive isometric strength endurance.

Have you ever considered including basic planks, front/back & side to improve that quality.

Performing side planks, with lateral leg raises works the glutes additionally well.

Give L-sits a go. I feel there is no more effective abdominal/hip flexor hold exercise on the planet. The position is easiest to get into from a support on parallel/dip bars.

Never let go of them stomach vacuum holds. Your working the 3 or so muscles all human movement starts from. No point having a 1000lb squat if your weak at the generator. Just won’t reach your potential.

I like the emphasis you put on the core & plyo’s (elasticity).

thanks for the comments

both the 2 min ab ciruit and the 6 min ab circuit include isometric holds
stomach vacuums i hold for as long as i can (about 5 sec til i start to run outta breath) and i include them on my two rep based core days (wed and sat)

i really only do plyos once or so a week, but once i hit fall they will become a bigger part of my program as my lifting volume begins to lighten. i want to be used to a good volume of plyos by winter so i can use them as replacement speed work since facilities in the NE in the winter are limited

thurs june 24

2 min jump rope
stretch checks
3 warm up runs
sled runs:
a. single leg curls (alt) 3x12,10,10@50,50#
a. decline biceps curls (alt) 3x12,10,10@25,25#
a. overhaed tri ext 3x12,10,10@50,55
b. ledge single calf raises 3x10,8,10@80,85,85#
b. side shoulder raise 3x12,10,10@17.5,20#
b. 6 min abs
light stretch

sat june 26

4 min jog
stretch checks
int tempo:
R: wb, 3 min

2:30 erg warm up
depletion push ups 50,20,15
depletion neutral grip pull ups 15,6,5
500 reps core

light stretch


  • a bystander pointed out that i really need to relax my shoulders and arms, which i can definitely agree with. I will make sure to make relaxtion a concentration of my pre-season training