What type of workouts can I do to improve my 200meter “maintainance speed”. My
first meet is in 2 weeks and I’ve been slacking off in practice because the coaches dont give enough rest time like a 300m run with 200m walk recovery.

Please provide info on your background and the type of training you have been doing at least going back for a couple of months if you have been training that long.

I started training since October on my own by doing 4*200 with 2 min rest. Each 200 was at about 27-30.3sec. Then from January track started and sometimes we do a 400,300,200,200 with a 200m walk recovery. Lately one of the assistant sprint coaches just started having us run only 2 times a week and we lift 4times a week. He says we have to minimize track time and maximize weight room time(you can probably tell by now that he’s a football coach)

He says he has a “great theory” and he wants to try it out for the first time (This is my senior year damn it, and the last thing I want is for my season to be over before it starts!!!)

Yeah, that pretty much sucks. Nice of your coach to use you as a guinea pig to test out his “theories”. The best thing you could probably do since your training is geared towards strength(see middle distance endurance) tell your coach you are ready to run the 800 since that is where your training is leading you. Go to pure speed work 30m and 60m before progressing out to longer speed endurance work. Real speed endurance work 120-200m approx. with full recoveries(15-25 minutes) between reps and only 2-3 reps. The speed work has to be done only every other day with tempo sessions between the speed days. Also perform such work with full recoveries between reps like 4+ minutes after 30m and 8+minutes after 60m. This type of work will ensure that when you do begin speed endurance work it will be truly be SPEED endurance work and not middle distance pacing work.

Does that mean your football team does ground work twice a week and weights 4 times a week.

Do they suck.

As Pioneer is explaining well, speed reserve is the key, not learning a pace that you can hold. By the way, what type of paces are you hitting those distances you mentioned in? (Percentage of your Personal Best?)

this sounds like a classic “long to short” program.

600-500-400-300-200 with “walk what you run recovery” is a classic workout (from the 70’s?) where the speed is 90-95% of your personal best for that distance.

they dont give us the times that we finish in.
I’m close to a fast jog for the runs so i’m guessin its around 28-31sec for 200mruns.
my pbs are

I recently got timed in practice for an allout 200m and i got 24.2, i started throwin a fit when i got that time. everything was going ok till i got to the straightaway and my shoulders started to rise,15m later my face tensed up, next thing i knew my foot wasnt putting any force at all on the track and i struggled to maintain so i dont get caught from behind. I think i have to change my arm action back to what it used to be. I ran my 10.6 when i brung my hands up to shoulder level and i was more relaxed. when i bring it up to eye level my arms tend to tense up.