200 meter splits.

What should 200 meter splits INDOORS on a 200 meter track, lets assume flat, look like?

Today I ran a very mediocre 22.84 which I am not happy with and after reviewing the video this appears to be my splits.



11.3 +11.3=22.6h

What is “normal” and what should this tell me I need to work on?

I also experimented and wanted to see what I could run in the 60 without blocks (4 point start) and sure enough I ran the same exact time to the hundreth and I did this season with blocks. what does this tell you??

seems that your speed endurance could be imoroved, bc normally you can run faster over the 2nd 100m…

I would agree if we were talking outdoors. I’ve found that negative splits in maximal sprints from 22-40s indoors to be sometimes difficult. Depending on the margins of speed reserve developed from multi-duration training, specific endurance protocols may improve that region of the race.