20 weeks

If I start my general prep on the 1st of september I would have 20 weeks before the first competition. I was wondering how I should devide the weeks up between accu, max str, and maintenance. The 12 week sample Charlie provided uses 3 weeks accu, 7 weeks max str, and 2 weeks maintenance. Should I use the same ratios? Should I try to fit 2 cycles into the 20 weeks?

Charlie? dcw? clemson? flash?


Sounds good…perhaps you could share what you plan to do and perhaps Dcw23, Charlie, or flash can help.

I don’t exactly know what to do. If I use the same ratio Charlie uses in the 12 week example it would give me: 5 weeks accu, 12week max str, and 3 weeks maintenance.
I was wondering:

  1. Is 5 weeks accu too long for an athlete that already has the desired somatotype inplace?
  2. In Charlie’s example the window for power development opens from week 10 to 15 after 7 weeks of max str work. When would the window open up after doing 12 weeks of max str? I am guessing it can’t be 3 weeks after like Charlie’s example.
    It’s not normal to have this much time before your 1st competition, so I am not too sure how to set things up.
    Some background:
    age 27
    60m 6.70a
    100m 10.39
    200m 20.97