2 Dream Teamers

Two of my boys just got Dream Team for Michigan High school football. Top 24 kids in state, pretty happy for them. Hard working class kids. Valdez Showers is going to Florida full ride to play CB. Mike Keith is undecided, 6’1" 230 lb LB who fill wholes like a truck. Proud of these boys as much for their in class accomplishments as well as the on field. Here is a clip of Valdez.

Surprise U of F look at the Michigan area.

Great job. Keep up the good work.

number 2. RB34, the kid is gifted. 6’0" 190 lb CB/RB. Had 2000+yds rushing and 29 TD’s. Very fast and very physical. He ran 4.3-4.4 at a lot of camps. He had zero interest in Michigan. Didn’t like the staff or the University that much. He had offers from Stanford, USC and some other schools. He said it was too far to fly to. He liked Meyer and Florida’s academics. He will be an impact player. On tuesday, he hit 405x2 on squat 2 weeks out of season. He will be a beast by the time he leaves in June.

He won’t be doing CFTS at U of F.

Speedcoach, nice job on your guys. Hopefully I can meet them during offseason training

Awesome job Speedcoach.
Those are mad numbers for high school kids.
What age does high school finish over there?
Here, it’s the year they turn 17.

duplicate! again

Bold Warrior. Yeah, he was actually a junior on the highlight I put up. His senior year is more impressive. RB34, I know he is about to get pounded by HIT style training. I am pushing him hard so he is acclimated to their style of training while still looking for improvement. It just doesn’t matter as long as he is ready to deal with their style i guess.

They did it again. Both kids got the Detroit Free Press Dream Team today. Thats every single post season award possible. They deserve it.
More Valdez film. Hope link works.

Congrats. Showers was a guy I really hoped to see at MSU once I saw his junior film.

I wished I would have been able to get out and see those guys play this year, I’m only a few mins away.