2 Days in 1 Detrimental or Not ?

could be detrimental if i do 2 different kind of works in a same session ?
For example: a Speed Endurance of 2x150m then after half hour a Plyo´s session.
Would be beneficial ? Or maybe an exercise would annul other ?
I´m asking this because i´m having problems with the “weather” ( rains on weekends ) and as i have a weekly schedule i´m thinking in create a “B” plan with some mixed days train, cutting the individual volume of each kind of train but keeping the weekly recipe cake.

Check the archives as there have been a lot of threads on this topic. There must be a combining of elements or you couldn’t possibly get through them all.
There’s a lot of material on this topic in the Forum Review.

Tks Charlie,
now i have some homework to do…

Hum, did not worked well for me…
Ok, last monday my car was on mechanic, so, i went to track by bike.
It was good, 4 km to go + 4 km back ( 5 miles total ), the only prolem was that the way is full of hills.
So, i arrived at track and did some stretch since i was totally warmed, then 2x150m 95% 15 minutes rest in between, then 1/2 of my usual Plyometric session. You know what ? I didn´t felt nothing while performing exercises, besides, after track work i was very warmed so, i jump to my bike and went back to home. ( Average speed going: 17.4km/h Average speed back: 21.2km/h ).
After the “Duathlon Train” everything was normal, until sleep.
Well, the day after…damn !!!
I felt my left gluteus medius & minimus, i can´t walk without limp…
So, not train yesterday, not train for today and i guess not tomorrow :mad:
Last night i lay my gluteus over a hot water bag to rises temperature and increase blood flow, so today, i woke up a little better but i don´t know, i guess this is my first injurie, because this is a all new kind of pain/soreness.
Well, i don´t recommend…