Ive been doing this for the past few weeks. I like it because im in and out in 30-45 mins. Also, Doms is down.

If it’s the michael yessis 1x20 it could work if you were grades 8-12.

Ima try it out just for something different. See how it goes for indoor season.

I don’t understand the point in trying something that is so general at this point. I could understand if you were trying something a little more specific like Ross deadlift program but doing 1x20 is so general and something you haven’t been doing. If you were coming off a 3yr layoff like I was then it could make sense. WMA will be here before you know it - don’t let your competition get to far ahead of you. Train hard but train smart!!!

yep i hear you. I do enjoy the cardio benefits im getting from that program. I adjust as needed. My #1 goal is not being sore for my speed days.

Kool. I thought your goal was to sprint fast and dominate on the track.

In Dr. Yessis’ book “Build A Better Athlete” he says, “in the early stages of training and especially for novices, you should do 15-20 exercises in a typical workout to cover all the major joints and muscles of the body. Because of the need for many exercises, only one set for approximately 15-20RM should be completed. Doing this develops base strength and muscular endurance, and as an extra bonus, you get stronger ligaments and tendons that create more durable joints.”

So, who exactly would benefit from a 1x20 system? Short answer: Everyone. Long answer: It depends on the athlete and the time of year he is in.

For professional and collegiate athletes, a one-set system with high exercise variety would help clear up imbalances by doing 15 to 20 exercises daily for two weeks. By varying the exercises to include mobility, single arm and single leg, prehab, single joint, and core exercises, you can prep the body quickly and efficiently for more intense training.

Powerlifters, much like athletes, could benefit greatly by using it after a meet to help correct any imbalances, rehab injury sites, and develop general mobility and stability through a solid choice of exercises.

This program’s greatest benefit, however, revolves around its ability to build the general development and foundation of youth athletes. The simplicity of the program’s design, combined with the rapid improvements in strength and proficiency of training, make this a program worth trying. It is not as ridiculous as you may think!


just found this

You never saw that? Do you have his book?

nope never saw it. YOu have the book. is it worth a read?
With the 1x20 i will probably just do that as my short gpp

I only do trapbar DL and conventional DL now. Squats bother the outside of a knee so I don’t do them much.

I often do DL like squats in that I do the eccentric and don’t put the bar down intraset.

It’s ok - I got it back in 2005. Barry actually helped me prepare for the 225 combine test. I didn’t do any touch and go bench - everything was stop 1in off the chest. You will need to make slight changes unless you deadlift 200-300lbs - if you deadlift 500-600lbs adjustments will need to be made.

My go to lower body lifts:

Split squats

I prefer conventional straight deadlifts over trap and sumo. Sumo is a ugly ass lift and trap bar seem to be more quad dominant. Side note - the depth jumps and all the calf raises has seem to improved my ankle stiffness. My ankles were like sponges early in gpp.

How do you progress it?

1x20 for 4weeks, 1x14,etc?

I figured adjustments would have to me made once you started lifting real heavy. How do you do your split squats?

To be honest - I keep it simple. I know there are a 1000 different ways but I use a barbell on my back with a long stance.

Lil off topic but this kid has some decent content and he often mention Charlie.


yea you can do that, or stick with the 1x20 and just move up weight wise until you feel its dangerous.

Yea ive been subscribed to him for a while now. His videos are real easy to swollow. Alot of Charlie stuff.
Wonder if he is off his ban yet

What do you mean ban?

Igf-1 and gh precursors or some shit like that

Hold up - this white kid is banned? He’s a professional runner?


Yep USATF hit him with a ban hammer. Is he pro…hell naw. But I think he may have been at usatf meet or some shit and got caught…I assume. USATF will ban everyone if given the chance, pro or not. Have not heard about all the bans they hand out to masters athletes?