16 days EMS

I’ve got a meet in 16 days. I want to use EMS for strength.

Should I use it every training* day, apart from when I’m sprint/weight training?

Is there a certain time I should stop EMS before the meet, e.g no EMS 3 days before?


I would not use EMS within at least 7 days of the meet if you really care about the outcome - except in pulsing mode where you can use it for restoration.

If you are planning your training on a yearly schedule then you should work EMS into the max strength block (see Forum Review 02 ebook for details).

When using EMS, I use it on the high intesnity days as you describe but note that it does have additional impact on your body so once you stop using it the full effects will only be realised a few weeks later (again see Forum Review 02 for details).

Thought as much, just hoping I hadn’t left it too late. It’s the equivalent of people on low carb diets, pretending they can make pizza without bread. :o

So I’ll start using EMS now, but will it make any difference to my performance at the meet (considering I’ll stop EMS 7 days before)?

I’ve ran out of conductive gel, is there anything else I can use?

I have standard plastic pads on my EMS machine.

If I’m not much mistaken you can use KY jelly, although you might feel akward buying it =) lol, I know I did. It’s been a long time since I messed with any EMS though as I have just started reading the CF books and learning of the benefits so I could be wrong.

Thanks Enigma, using KY now.

My EMS machine pulses for about 4 seconds, then cuts out for 2 seconds.

I can’t do 10 sec on 50 off. Should I use any different times?

This is the million dollar question. If it makes you stronger it will help, everything else being equal, just so long as the fatigue that occurs from using it doesn’t negativly impact on your performance.

As for the time on and off. Try to keep the 1 to 5 ratio of stim to rest as per 10 on 50 off if possible.

By the way 10 seconds of EMS without a good ramp up is hell so maybe you are lucky that you can’t do 10 on!

I have had good results using plain old water.

Is there a reason why you want to use it just now? Did you just get an EMS unit? Were you injured? I’d wait till after your meets and then get on a planned schedule in your overall training plan starting in the GPP.