1500m and 100m training in 4 weeks? Help needed...

One friend here at Faculty asked me if I can develop a program for him to pass the test in 1500m (5min 20s I think) and 100m (about 13,1s) to enter the exam for 4 weeks…
He say he is in good aerobic shape (how good) but his 100m is 13,6secs and 1500 is worst than 5min 20sec…
This is hard for me to do because I will not be near him to “see” him work… he wants it on the paper… (imposible?)
So I thinked something… (3-4 workouts weekly)
#1 week
Goal: Aerobic capacity

  1. 10x200m (for 36-40sec), rest 60-90 sec walking
  2. 3x10min continuous runing
    Heart rate: 170-180bpm (this is individually)
    Rest 5min walking
  3. Cross runing 20min at 160-170bpm

#2 week
Goal: Aerobic/anaerobic development, LA production. Rests are long enough to allow complete recovery

  1. 2x5x200m (for 34-36sec)
    Rest 60-90sec and 3min between sets
  2. 2x4x400m (for 1min20sec)
    Rest 3min, and 6min (sets)
  3. 2x3x600 (for 2min0s)
    Rest 4min and 8min (sets)

#3 week
Goal: La production and toleration
Rests dont allow full recovery and there is LA build up in the blood

  1. 2x4x400m (for 1min20sec and less)
    Rest 3,2,1 min, and 10min (sets)
    Day after: 15-20min continuous run at 140-160bpm for rest
  2. 2x3x600 (for 2min0s and less)
    Rest 2,1min and 10min (sets)
    Day after: 15-20min continuous run at 140-160bpm for rest

#4 weeek
Goal: Max. speed development and acceleration
Rests allow full recovery and also wait for full recovery before doing this week

  1. 2x2x40-60m max speed (10m flying start)
    Rest 3-5min and 6-10min (sets)
  2. 2x3x30m acceleration work on tap
    Rest 3-5min and 6-10min (sets)
  3. 10x100m (for 18-20sec)
    Rest 60-90sec walking

P.S. I think that he should work on ABC of runing (techique work) and starting because he said that he think his 100m is bad because slow start and poor technique! He dont except great result just some… He is begginer so I think he could be able to get his 1500 and 100 better for 4weeks.
Please post some opininion and help! Tnx in advance